Saturday, May 27, 2017

Germans, Prussians, Robots, Deep Ones, Space Marines, Minenwerfer, Dacians, Adeptus Mechanicus, and some Walls

Hello Dearest Viewer,

It's been six weeks since I posted anything, but at least this time I'll show you 61 things I finished..

Here are seven little robots.  The hovering things Old Glory drones, much like little flying Fallout robots.

The three bots silently running are from Black Cat Bases.  I put one on a base made out of a circuit board, but it looks stupid.

Speaking of Black Cat Bases, here are eight of their Deep Ones, from their lovely Lovecraft line.

I loved painting these guys and want to paint more.  I know they are very shiney; I gloss coated them because Lovecraft described them as slick or slimey.

The deep ones were posing in front of some walls I made for the soon to be released Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

In case a wall gets destroyed, I built a damaged one too.

It's simple cardboard, so I soaked it in glue to make the torn "metal" not move.

 Oh dear, someone got caught in the minenwerfer explosion!

Here are some Prussians running around.  (Warlord)

Here they are running back for a thing they forgot.

Some Old Glory small WWI Minenwerfer crews.

Here they are wondering where the Prussians went.

Here's some large Old Glory Minenwerfer's.  I posted the crews in an earlier post.  I love both saying and writing Minenwerfer.                                                Minenwerfer

Three more space marines in my quest to paint one of each legion.

Black Templar, Adulator, Dark Angel.

Two Old Glory robots, I love robots. 

The blue one is named My Little Minenwerfer.

A Warlord mounted Prussian Landwehr officer and 3 Old Glory Rus swordsmen.

I secretly positioned the Rus at different angles; so you can't tell they're all the same model pose.

Here's a GW Adeptus Mechanicus boss of robots model; next to him is an old Mageknight model with a couple GW parts added.

I spared every cost on the robot, his base is even an old broken one, held together with puppy love.

Four random models.  I have no clue who made the dwarf with a catapult on his back.  The barbarian is an old Citadel model. 

I don't know who made the large medic, but he's been conscripted into my IG army.  The little IG guy is one of the worst IG sculpts from the Rogue Trader days.

Here's some random crap I glued to bases.  The brown stone is fossilized dinosaur bone; there must be a dinosaur graveyard buried in my yard.  They're chunks sliced off of larger pieces.

The green rock is a piece of Sonoran sunrise turquoise given to me by  Huitzilopochtli.  (Tournament Gamer secret:  smash several painted models before every battle, as a sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli and you always win; but never invite him to be a house guest (he leaves his socks under the couch and puts cheese in his coffee)).

Almost everyone was posing on this 6' x 4' flexible game mat I made.  It's amazingly flexible and soft.

To make a flexible mat: 1. get a big piece of canvas, 2. mix sand, brown paint and acrylic caulk (min 1 tube per 4 square feet, 3.  put goo on canvas, 4. let dry, 5. dry brush, 6. add flock if you want

Well till next time my beloved Minenwerfers, when I'll have Polish Lancers, Prussians, robots, spacemen and only Huitzilopochtli knows what else.




Saturday, April 15, 2017

WWII Americans, Dwarf Rangers, Complete Randos, and some Water


I've managed to finish some models.  I've actually painted far more, but I almost loath basing, so there might be a larger post in near future.

Here are some defunct Wargames Factory WW2 Americans.  I'm quite positive I painted them all wrong.

I accidently gave them one too many special weapons. 

Here are twelve plastic GW LotR Dwarf rangers, without the round plastic bases.  Rangers are nice for Dragon Rampant, at least against me.

I didn't paint these guys I got off of TMP's Xenophon, but I did rebase them.

Here is an unknown Wargames Foundry soldier and a Rogue Trader era Robot.

I wish I knew what the Foundry model was; I've painted three of them.  The robot looks like a bug.

Here's a Mageknight model I rebased.  I only repainted the teeth, claws, and talon-things.  The sweat shop paint job was nice enough.

Please identify these models for me.  They were a gift from the wargames writer Ken Sidenblad.

Here's a water hole I made for a friend.

I could win a messy table contest.

Till next time when I should have Prussians, Germans, Russ, and some 40K stuff.

Much Love and Many Kisses,

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Battle for Jepson's Landing - In the Heart of Africa Adventure Time


I've been too lazy to post game reports recently, but I thought I should post a recent game of "In the Heart of Africa game.

Rumor has it, that the rogue colonialist ad-venture capitalist J. Jepson has acquired a boat load of repeating rifles.

The evil British colonialists and good Arab slavers both want the weapons.  There are two objectives, the storage area in the middle and Jepson himself in the landing bar.

Two British soldier quality units arrive on the board (top).  Two soldier quality Arab units arrive on the bottom.

One British unit boldly advances so close to Jepson's landing, he comes outside.

And Jepson kills a soldier.

The equally bold Arab unit triggers an ambush from the storage area.

Spearmen reinforcing the Arabs, have arrived via boats to sneak up and attempt to capture Jepson.

Another ambush from the storage area targets the British, but luckily for the British a large group of allied spearmen have also arrived to help.

The ambushed Arab unit, moves into rocky ground for a little cover and are pleased to see their bowmen allies arrive.

Arab soldiers spread out in a far more cautious move and plan to kill all the colonial soldiers focused on Jepson.

The Arab allied spearmen continue to sneak up on Jepson's rear.

The colonial soldiers are nearly wiped out by the Arab soldiers and Jepson.  British allied bowmen arrive to try and capture Jepson.

The British forces slowly advance on the storage area.

Having killed their ambushes quickly, the Arab forces advance on the storage area as well.

The British leader's bowmen are struggling on whether to focus on the Arabs or Jepson.

quick table shot

The British scout attacks Jepson in a last ditch effort, as the Arab leader's spearmen charge through the landing.  (He will fail)

Five units now battle in the swirling chaos that is the storage area.

The Arab's spearmen capture Jepson.

They immediately start to drag him off the board.

The British leader's spearmen have pushed back the Arab bowmen, Jepson's troops have all been killed, and the Arab soldiers have almost taken the storage area.

More British soldiers have arrived! (top right);  Arab swordsmen have arrived (bottom center).

The fresh Arab swordsmen rush behind the rifle screen to help the falling back bowmen, in the storage area melee.  The Arab bowmen have been extremely clever avoiding the full force of the British spears, and slowly withering down the far superior troops.

The British soldiers have arrived too little and too late and take casualties from the Arab firing line.

At this point, the British decide to give up; they only have three wounded units.  The Arabs have two wounded units and two full strength units, plus the spearmen with Jepson are almost full strength.

Love and Kisses,

I'll post some mini pics in a day or two.