Saturday, April 15, 2017

WWII Americans, Dwarf Rangers, Complete Randos, and some Water


I've managed to finish some models.  I've actually painted far more, but I almost loath basing, so there might be a larger post in near future.

Here are some defunct Wargames Factory WW2 Americans.  I'm quite positive I painted them all wrong.

I accidently gave them one too many special weapons. 

Here are twelve plastic GW LotR Dwarf rangers, without the round plastic bases.  Rangers are nice for Dragon Rampant, at least against me.

I didn't paint these guys I got off of TMP's Xenophon, but I did rebase them.

Here is an unknown Wargames Foundry soldier and a Rogue Trader era Robot.

I wish I knew what the Foundry model was; I've painted three of them.  The robot looks like a bug.

Here's a Mageknight model I rebased.  I only repainted the teeth, claws, and talon-things.  The sweat shop paint job was nice enough.

Please identify these models for me.  They were a gift from the wargames writer Ken Sidenblad.

Here's a water hole I made for a friend.

I could win a messy table contest.

Till next time when I should have Prussians, Germans, Russ, and some 40K stuff.

Much Love and Many Kisses,

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Battle for Jepson's Landing - In the Heart of Africa Adventure Time


I've been too lazy to post game reports recently, but I thought I should post a recent game of "In the Heart of Africa game.

Rumor has it, that the rogue colonialist ad-venture capitalist J. Jepson has acquired a boat load of repeating rifles.

The evil British colonialists and good Arab slavers both want the weapons.  There are two objectives, the storage area in the middle and Jepson himself in the landing bar.

Two British soldier quality units arrive on the board (top).  Two soldier quality Arab units arrive on the bottom.

One British unit boldly advances so close to Jepson's landing, he comes outside.

And Jepson kills a soldier.

The equally bold Arab unit triggers an ambush from the storage area.

Spearmen reinforcing the Arabs, have arrived via boats to sneak up and attempt to capture Jepson.

Another ambush from the storage area targets the British, but luckily for the British a large group of allied spearmen have also arrived to help.

The ambushed Arab unit, moves into rocky ground for a little cover and are pleased to see their bowmen allies arrive.

Arab soldiers spread out in a far more cautious move and plan to kill all the colonial soldiers focused on Jepson.

The Arab allied spearmen continue to sneak up on Jepson's rear.

The colonial soldiers are nearly wiped out by the Arab soldiers and Jepson.  British allied bowmen arrive to try and capture Jepson.

The British forces slowly advance on the storage area.

Having killed their ambushes quickly, the Arab forces advance on the storage area as well.

The British leader's bowmen are struggling on whether to focus on the Arabs or Jepson.

quick table shot

The British scout attacks Jepson in a last ditch effort, as the Arab leader's spearmen charge through the landing.  (He will fail)

Five units now battle in the swirling chaos that is the storage area.

The Arab's spearmen capture Jepson.

They immediately start to drag him off the board.

The British leader's spearmen have pushed back the Arab bowmen, Jepson's troops have all been killed, and the Arab soldiers have almost taken the storage area.

More British soldiers have arrived! (top right);  Arab swordsmen have arrived (bottom center).

The fresh Arab swordsmen rush behind the rifle screen to help the falling back bowmen, in the storage area melee.  The Arab bowmen have been extremely clever avoiding the full force of the British spears, and slowly withering down the far superior troops.

The British soldiers have arrived too little and too late and take casualties from the Arab firing line.

At this point, the British decide to give up; they only have three wounded units.  The Arabs have two wounded units and two full strength units, plus the spearmen with Jepson are almost full strength.

Love and Kisses,

I'll post some mini pics in a day or two.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Modular Battlestations Ship, Landwehr, Imperial Guard, Space Marine Attack Bikes, Zombies and Robots

Hello Enlightened One,

I thought today, I'd show you some modular Battlestations terrain I was working on.  I quit working on them, because Battlestations 2nd Edition is coming out very soon, with really nice game tiles; it seemed rather pointless.

Here's some scientists discussing science in the science lab.

More hot science action in the warp hyper drive room.

Here's a robot playing Atari Missile Command in one of the missile bays.  The missiles are made out of pens from the banks I rob.

Here's some cute little robots running to a big gun wired to a Nintendo controller.

Here's a couple bots and a human worried about hungry space monster slug cyborgs.

Here's a couple small bots wondering why the blogger is too cheap to buy proper shipping containers and makes barrels out of bottle caps.

What the F are Evil Dead zombies doing under the floor panels?

Here's the Captain and friendly poop alien loafing off on the bridge.  Can the enlightened viewer recognize the grids on the computer screens.

Here's four GW Imperial Guard Steel Legion troops.

Here they are admiring the Epidote rocks they posed in front of.

Here's two Rogue Trader era pirates or guardsmen and an old metal Cadian Sergeant.

"Come on guys, look at this uncommon Epidote formation."

Here's an original Rogue Trader Assault (?) bike and a more modern one, that's a plastic/metal mix.

I forgot the Ultramarine symbols.  The yellow chap in need of touching up is a Flame Eagle.  The gray marine is a Brotherhood of a Thousand marine.  Only 953 chapters left and I'll have at least one of each!

Here's some Warlord Games Prussian Landwehr and a Foundry Frenchmen (I only based the Frenchy).

For the life of me, I can't think of a scenario to use napping Prussians.  Perhaps they were a rather sleepy people.

Here are some Warlord games zombies.  The two decomposing females are older sculpts from the Wargames Factory era.  The guy in the Starbucks Coffee shirt is a Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine zombie model.

A mix of crawling Warlord/Wargames Factory zombies crawling.

A large Reaper mini that I'm using as a big strong zombie and two Old Glory British trench mortars.


Two Old Glory robots, that I wanted to look kind of worn.  I'm the worst at painting yellow.

You'll notice a lack of grass on bases, because I ran out. 

Till next time, when I should have some WW2 Americans, a couple Prussians, LotR dwarves, or whatever catches my fanciful fancy.

Love and Kisses,