Sunday, September 16, 2018

Kettle Helms, Stormtroopers, Squatkopta, Prussians, MFP and More!


It's nice of you to visit.   I have a number of completed minis, to show you.  First up are six Essex Knights in kettle helmets, that I painted for a friend.

Here they are running away.  Painting spiral lance patterns isn't easy.

Fantasy Flight Stormtroopers.

I don't know where I got the head for the helmetless guy's head.

Here are three Warlord brand Prussian Landwehr with pikes.

I like the metal Warlord model backpacks more than the plastic models.

Here is a GW Tau drone, a Squatkopta, and a Brother Vinni robot.  Removing the ork and spikey bits from the kopta thing was an awful task.  I may not make three of these.

It's hard to see, but the squat has a "Gargoyle Gang" emblem on his vest.  Gargoyle gang are the good guys on the classic Johnny Sokko Giant Robot show.

Two Old Glory biker cops, without motorcycles.

Here are two Old Glory motorcycle cops and an Antenocitis Workshop police car.

If you haven't noticed they're painted to look like the "Main Force Patrol" from the Road Warrior film.

Here's a classic Ral Partha Orc and a random post apocalyptic survivor from EM-4.

I think you can get the post apocalyptic Copplestone sculpts for Mirlton too.

Here are two ancient GW dwarf (pre-slotta) models.

The guy on the right is the original "White Dwarf" (FS17, 1980).

Here are three Phalon clone models from the old Spacelords game range.  I think I stole their color scheme from Ironman comics.

You can get the Spacelord models from Moonraker Miniatures.

Here are two Deep Ones.  They are from Black Cat Bases.

I enlarged the wooden floor base with green stuff.

Today everyone posed on another rtv/paint/sand smeared on cloth 4' x 4' mat I made.

Till next time beloved viewers, when I'll have a gang of Ramshackle Squat bikers and jet-bikes.



Sunday, September 2, 2018

Rubbish, Rubbish, and Stuff Made Out of Garbage

Happy Sunday Purveyor of Pictures of Little Things,

Today I have garbage post of trash minis, junk made out of junk, and smashed dollar store toys.

First up is a car made out of a "Fast and Furious" toy car.   The driver, a Cadian Imperial Guardsman, is wearing a Star Wars Naval Trooper uniform.

The car body was removed and the new body is made out newspaper soaked in glue.  I needed the body for a different project.  The passenger is Valhallan Imperial Guardsman.

Here is a Old Glory biker that didn't get painted with all his fellows.

Here are a bunch of garbage cans from Antenociti's Workshop.  I wish Mr. Antenociti had been born Mr. Smith.  That name is impossible to remember.  I could remember Smith's Workshop.

Here are some garbage cans made out of clothing dye bottle tops, cardboard boxes made out of thin chip board soaked in glue, and an unfired projectile made out of some weird Dremel tool bit.

Here are some books made out of paper and clay (one has a human face), some Reaper Bones urns, and strange die I found in a cave near Dunwich.

Here is a wooden table and wagon from Wizkids D&D primed plastic line.

Here is a kitchen thing and a bathroom stall pulled out of toy camper van.

There's an unwashed sink and toilet inside, trailer trash.

Here are some signs that came with a dollar store toy.

Here are some resin wooden walls, whose manufacturer I can't remember.  I just dry brushed them grays, browns, and greens.  I still need to paint the corners, but can't remember what paints I used.

Here are some really cool Mantic Games "The Walking Dead" barricades.  I have no idea of what the green and yellow things are.

They're plastic and I honestly don't believe these garbage piles  would do much more than slow down zombies.

Here are some tire piles.  I smashed dollar store toys up with a hammer and stole their wheels.

Here is a building for a post apocalyptic junk town, I've been slowly working on.

It sound like someone is riding a motorcycle on the roof.   Ho, ho, ho, it's Biker Claus, bringing guns to all the bad boys and girls.

The corrugated colors remind me of Senegal's flag.

Here are some of the quickest roads I've ever made.  You can see one of the smashed dollar store toys on the second one.

I finger painted rtv onto used sand belts, sprinkled construction sand, spray painted brown, and dry-brushed.

Till next time, my beloveds, when I'll probably show you some more post apocalyptic vehicles and who knows what.

love and kisses,

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Knights Hospitaller and a Dale's RV


I haven't blogged since October 2017, but I'm starting again.

Here are eight Old Glory miniatures painted as Knights Hospitaller for a friend.

I forgot to finish painting the base rocks.

Here is a Mantic Games "The Walking Dead" Dale's RV.  It's made out of chip board and wood.  It doesn't come with the windows, but it only took a couple minutes to cut up some clear plastic.

It's supposed to look dirty.

I've painted a lot of crap since my last post, so next post should have a lot more pics of random models.

Love and Kisses,

Monday, October 9, 2017

Saxons, Dwarves, and a Bunch of Terrain Stuff

Hello Tasteful Viewer,

It's been awhile since I've posted, so I have a lot of stuff to post.

First up are ten Renegade Saxons.

Twelve Renegade Saxon archers.

Five more Renegade Saxons.  The dragon standards are white for now, because I don't know which Saxon leader they will follow.

Here are two Black Cat Bases evil cultists.

Two plastic Warlord Prussian Landwehr.

Two old Grenadier dwarves, a mysterious Ral Partha model, and a pre-slotta Citadel female dwarf.

Here are three buildings I quickly slapped together for colonial or fantasy games.

They are just plaster and Styrofoam.  The doors are carved craft book foam.

I made some little garden plots.

And some modular wall sections.

Two Black Cat Bases toilets; it's more than obviously I didn't scrape the flash off one.

This is supposed to be a Fallout 4 defensive position.

It should be recognizable if you've played the game.

Mine hold two models.

Here's a tone of wire fencing.

And some corrugated metal fencing.

A couple movement trays, the one in back is plaster based on cardstock, the front one is cardstock and craft foam.

I based a bunch of trees.

Lastly here is a Tudor style house made out of cardstock, plastic and little wood sticks.  I'll jetty out upper floors, when I make more.  I kept the first one simple.

Till next time, when I should more Saxons and more stuff I shouldn't be doing till the Saxons are done.  I ordered a bunch of bikes and jet bikes from Ramshackle, so if they show up soon I'll probably get distracted from Saxons and paint some of those.