Monday, September 19, 2011

Trench Warfare

Met friends at the Game Matrix in Tacoma, WA for an impromptu "The Great War Game".  The trench terrain I've been working on slowly was done enough to be used for a game.

The field was 8' x 4' and an assaulting British, French, and French Foreign Legion force assaulted trenches occupied by an outnumbered company of Germans (accompanied by a tank).  Rough terrain really slowly the assault, but more importantly kept the tank at bay long enough for allied troops to reach the Germans.

Fun game, no points, just people showing up with random troops.  We were refamiliarized with the rules which we hadn't used in awhile.  A host from the SoCal Warhammer podcast showed up to see the game and has plans to host an exciting "Over the Top" game later this year.

The models didn't enjoy the game as much; casualty rates for our enjoyment were shockingly enormous.

More pics and a better synopsis can be found at a great blog


  1. James: Once again, what a marvelous terrain board you created. It really stoked the fires for TGW. I really think the board made the game. We were thrilled to be able to play on it - virgin territory at that. Great photos too! Hope we get in more TGW games soon (& often). As I've mentioned elsewhere - I hope to tap into Pat L.'s vast WAB & TGW knowledge. Best, Dean

  2. Absolutly terrific trench layout.

  3. Great looking terrain. That's what this hobby is all about.