Sunday, April 7, 2019

Goblin Riders, Romans, Troll, Atalan Jackal, Aneocitis Workshop Car, Newspaper Dispensers, Junk, and Alternative Battlestations Crew

Hello Distinguished Viewer,

Today I have a random mix of 26 little things to show you.   First are some Games Workshop LoTR wargs and riders.

They are a mix of the metals and plastics.

Here are four Warlord Romans.

Their shields aren't really done.  I can't decide on whether to paint designs or use water slide decals.

Here is a Wizkids troll.   I refuse to paint trolls green.

I tried to make the large pustules look like eyeballs.  They look moist in person.

Here's a Games Workshop Atalan Jackal.   I replaced the head with a Ramshackle head, as I hate genestealer cult and wanted motorcycles in my huge Imperial Guard army.

The banner is plastic broom bristle and paper napkin.  The dust cloud is dry brushed teddy bear stuffing from a teddy bear I murdered.

Here he is chasing a car, that he wants to hit with his really big axe.

The car is an Aneocitis Workshop model.  I should have painted more detail, but I can only spend so much time on a model before becoming bored.   Aneociti makes some amazing vehicle and terrain stuff.

Speaking of, here's six Aneocitis Workshop newspaper bins about to be slain by a Roman.

Here's two Wiz Kids terrain things and two random things I made.

Here's two repainted Heroclix models.   I was trying to make alternative humans for Battlestations.

Their bases should fit the Battlestation base holders.

Till next time my beloved.   I have Saxons, a Gaslands race track, and LoTR Weather Top hill I made that I need to show you.



  1. A well finished bunch. I especially like the car and the troll.

  2. That car looks pretty cool man! You never fail to disappoint Mr Bacon.

  3. Awesome collective of Painted small items. Great stuff. The Troll has gone all Wolverine and needs his nails clipped. Nice touch with the eyeballs. Cheers