Monday, April 30, 2012

WAB Fail, Black Powder Draw, and Housewives of the Undead

 Hello Baconfat Enthusiasts,

I played a rather bloodless game of WAB the other day at the Game Matrix as part of our Dark Ages Campaign.  My gentlemanly opponent Ron's Vikings have had to put up with tactics of avoiding combat most of the game.  It's pretty silly to play war and avoid bloodshed.

Here's how we set up (Byzantines on left).  My plan was simple as my motto is to keep it simple and stupid, or something like that.  I simply rush all my tough units to one side of the board to pick off his units one at a time, while my skirmishers pester his other slow moving illiterate chainsaw wielding barbarians.

My plan was working.  Archers had dispensed with one skirmisher unit, weakened one heavy unit enough to charge, and even snuck up behind a shieldwall.   The problem was that the game only lasted 6 turns.  We never got into hand to hand combat.  I lost one slinger and the Vikings maybe between 20-30 men.

Skirmishers can't hold table quarters, so I lost.  I won't make that mistake again.

I also recently played a fun game of Black Powder with some of my Prussians with Dean of our same club's evil French.

Our mission: take back Christmas Village and run off the vile French.

Completely outnumbering the well painted Frenchmen, the brave Prussian surge forward with fairly good Command roles and bravery.  Bravery came from  Dean poisoning my coffee with copious amounts of delicious rum and brandy causing me to lose my thoughts.

We crash into to the emperors line and sort of lose steam.

Another angle of the action.

Close up of the swirling action, my brave hordes battling a ......

...........a unit of French that continually take huge numbers of casualties, yet fight on.

Last turn I form lines and shoot stuff.  

The game was a draw, even though I had more cavalry, more infantry and more artillery.  The simple answer is to paint more Prussians.

In the mean time I've finished painting some more undead.

These are female Victory Force zombies, from one of their horde sales.

If you like heavyset bald zombies, you'll love Victory Force.  
The zed second from left is wearing an Air Force PT suit.

Next time I'll post pics of Prussians I've recently painted.  And probably some other random stuff.

love Baconfat


  1. Great report & pictures of the recent WAB and Black Powder games! I like your zombies too - glad to hear you picked them up from VFM. I really like James Bland's work - I have a lot of his WW2 range. Best, Dean

  2. Nie battle report, the units seem really fine.
    Oh, I nearly forgot, zombies are...terrific!

  3. What a wonderfully diverse post; great looking games and awesome zeds.

  4. Nice reports and pics! I too have failed many times as a result of forgetting to check what units count for victory purposes!

  5. thanks for such nice comments! You inspire me to try harder.