Sunday, September 16, 2018

Kettle Helms, Stormtroopers, Squatkopta, Prussians, MFP and More!


It's nice of you to visit.   I have a number of completed minis, to show you.  First up are six Essex Knights in kettle helmets, that I painted for a friend.

Here they are running away.  Painting spiral lance patterns isn't easy.

Fantasy Flight Stormtroopers.

I don't know where I got the head for the helmetless guy's head.

Here are three Warlord brand Prussian Landwehr with pikes.

I like the metal Warlord model backpacks more than the plastic models.

Here is a GW Tau drone, a Squatkopta, and a Brother Vinni robot.  Removing the ork and spikey bits from the kopta thing was an awful task.  I may not make three of these.

It's hard to see, but the squat has a "Gargoyle Gang" emblem on his vest.  Gargoyle gang are the good guys on the classic Johnny Sokko Giant Robot show.

Two Old Glory biker cops, without motorcycles.

Here are two Old Glory motorcycle cops and an Antenocitis Workshop police car.

If you haven't noticed they're painted to look like the "Main Force Patrol" from the Road Warrior film.

Here's a classic Ral Partha Orc and a random post apocalyptic survivor from EM-4.

I think you can get the post apocalyptic Copplestone sculpts for Mirlton too.

Here are two ancient GW dwarf (pre-slotta) models.

The guy on the right is the original "White Dwarf" (FS17, 1980).

Here are three Phalon clone models from the old Spacelords game range.  I think I stole their color scheme from Ironman comics.

You can get the Spacelord models from Moonraker Miniatures.

Here are two Deep Ones.  They are from Black Cat Bases.

I enlarged the wooden floor base with green stuff.

Today everyone posed on another rtv/paint/sand smeared on cloth 4' x 4' mat I made.

Till next time beloved viewers, when I'll have a gang of Ramshackle Squat bikers and jet-bikes.




  1. An amazing array of brushwork once again, James! Love the Essex knights - they look really badazz with the kettle helms and bevors. Also nice to see you're still adding to your Prussians army - would love to have a rematch against my French someday.

    1. If we're both still alive in 14 years and you still live up there, you're on! My Prussians will put your French in their place once again.

      By then, we will have to use Black Powder 4 or Sharpe's Practice 3 rules.

  2. Another eclectic mix of items off your workbench again. Of the lot, the Prussian Landwehr are my favorites. Excellent work!

  3. Nice nod to Road Warrior. I was thinking of mad max looking at the car, but hadn't placed it when I read the main force patrol bit.
    Some sharp looking figs here. I hadn't even realized the challenge of spiral painting on a lance looking at it, but once you mentioned it I can totally imagine it's a pain.

  4. Wow, splendid figures all around, love the Prussian Landwehr!

  5. Nice mix of figures, the Essex knights are great,I find it hard to paint spirals as well! Love the squat (ex ork)flyer thing,it's great!
    Best Iain

  6. Mega post, with much to like and wonder at.