Sunday, January 27, 2013

Warlord Dacian Falxmen, Rogue Trader Models, and my First Horrible Sculpt


I've finished a unit of Warlord Games Dacian falxmen.  Warlord Dacians are their Celts with a bag of metal parts thrown in allowing you to convert the models to Dacians.

I usually make units of 24, no idea why I only painted 21 and screwed up my normal basing system

The metal pouch contains a metal leader, musician, falxmen torsos, Dacian heads, and various weapons.
There only three falx torsos, but there loose falx allowing you to add falx to plastic open handed models; I chose not to do that.

three metal torso options
Here's three Iron Claw Space Pirates, from 1998.  Iron Claw was a sister company eventually absorbed by Citadel.  Bob Olley sculpted these models, but probably doesn't like people to know that; they're barely in scale with each other.  I tried to paint them as they were pictured in GW's Book of the Astronomican.  
Astronomican titles left to right:  Ooglorg the Cruel, Psycho, and Nixan

Here's my first sculpt (awful) of a crawling zombie made out of green stuff, I did sculpt a face but my photographer is an idiot, completely lacking any photography skills.  Second is some sort of horned-cyborg dog thing I found in a bits bin.  Third is an old RT Imperial Army model that had thick enamel paint on it; I painted over the previous paint job, but he still looks like poop.

Lastly are some random GW models.  Left to right are two Empire crewmen, what I think is a D&D  female cleric, and a Talisman game thief.  I was too lazy to paint eyes on anybody this month, which I regret.  Eyes would make up for  some of their lackluster appearance.

 Until next time when I hope to have a unit of Prussian Lutzow Korps Jaegers and really old Mithril Miniature models done.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fallout Luddites?


I've been fairly slow at painting this year only finishing ten models, but I have about 80 models that are about 80% done.

First up are two Warlord brand Dacians which will be the leadership models for a unit of Falxmen that I hope to finish this week.

Here are two West Wind priest type models.   They're kinder nacht (child vampire) hunters.  Next to them is an old GW Bretonian spearman, whose missing a shield.

Lastly are 5 GW mentally unsound clerical types all from about 2004.  Left to right:  Empire flagellent, Bretonian battle pilgrim, another flagellant, Mordheim witch hunter, and Empire warrior priest.
Our paper armor will protect us unless it rains

I don't play warhammer games, but have tons of painted priests and flagellants.  I think they'd make a great Fallout/post apocalyptic gang, which I've named Luddites.  Their lack of firearms could be because they've decided that guns and technology are the evil source of man's apocalypse.  They must cleanse the world of non-believers by thumping them with blunt objects.
Jesus is not part of the mob, simply a statue out of a gum ball machine
They look like hippies bringing books back to the post apocalyptic library.

random picture of a sniper on top of a building