Sunday, June 9, 2019

7TV Post Apocalyptic Survivors, Randos, Tech Gangers, Fallout Mutant Hounds, Graves, and a Corrugated Junk Pile

Hello Distinguisher Viewer,

Today there are fifteen small things for you to look at.

First are three minis from Crooked Dice's 7TV Apocalypse game.

Reverse pic

Comparison with a Copplestone/EM4/Moonraker miniature, the Copplestone mini is shorter, but people vary in sizes.  I don't see why the older sculpts can't mix with the newer ones.

A Reaper WWI pilot, a Warlord Prussian Officer, and a WW2 German of unknown manufacture.

Here's two ancient Citadel Confrontation/Necromunda Tech Gangers with a Games Workshop Last Chancer model.  The one on the left has an Old Glory/Blue Moon robot arm added to it.

The two Citadel models have newer GW Cadian arms and flame thrower pack added.   I didn't use original arms for them.

Here are two Mophidius Fallout mutant hounds and an old Citadel model from back when the Imperial Guard or Astor Milliputorium was called the Imperial Army.

I wish I had painted the Guardsman red to match the earlier three red models.

An Old Glory Norman casualty.  I have hundreds of not casualty Old Glory Normans to paint.

Here are three resin grave models.   I can't remember who made them. The big one had a body in it which I Dremel tooled out.

The smaller gravestones broke off after I bought and dropped them.  The gravestones are made out of foam now.  The one on the right has a coffin made of matchsticks in it.

They sit quite high on the table.

Here's a crappy looking post apocalyptic outpost made only out of scrap pieces from earlier projects (and cereal box).

 It may look awful, but it does double as a topper to make my big rig look post apocalyptic.

Top view.

I plan on making more removeable armor or spikey thing add-ons to make the rig a proper war rig.
I wish I could find the missing headlights.

Till next time, when I'll probably have some Oldhammer dwarves, Saxons, post apocalyptic stuff, and who knows what else.