Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crossbowmen and Some Terrain Progress


I haven't finished very many models since last post.

First are some Old Glory crossbowmen; they're a mix of Germans and Hussites.

"Snap the picture quick, it's straining to hold an awkward Old Glory pose for too long"

Next is a Manlet!  An Old Glory Bohemian (?) archer and two of what I believe are old Citadel D&D clerics.
"Beware the Hobby Horse of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!"

I've been making the skeletons of some more damaged city terrain.  These are a few smaller several level building.
models and cars for scale purpose, I was not moving them around and making explosion noises

Here's a couple larger buildings.  On one I've started covering exposed foam core, prior to spray priming.

In the lower left hand corner is the box cutting knife of doom, I nearly cut off two more fingers making these.  Until I'm drunk enough to do stitches, they're held on with super glue, sticky tack, and clear tape.

Till next time, when I might have another pack of Old Glory/Grenadier crossbows, Grenadier archers, some Prussian, or even some military shipping containers!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mithril Miniatures, Zombies, Fireforge Foot Sergeants, and More


I've finished painting a few more models.  First are six Gondorian archers released in 1994 by Mithril Miniatures, but are no longer in production.

Next are some female zombies.  The one on the left is heroclix model (named Saturn Girl) painted up as a policewoman, with a transplanted head.   The rest are Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens, one of them is wearing Saturn Girl's head.

here are some Victory Force Zombies.  During a sale, I bought one of their zombie bundles ages ago and I never seem to run out of more to paint.  These bring the painted horde up to 121 walking, crawling, shambling dead.

Instead of finishing their bases, I added some iPod wires to the effeminate looking fellow

A couple random models, first is a heroclix Kingpin model repainted to just be a large civilian, second an ugly long OOP 1988 Iron Claw/Citadel space pirate stupidly named "Nightwing", and lastly a 1992 GW Imperial War Wagon crew member with a blunderbuss.

three deformed models, I wish I could shoulder fire weapons bigger than my leg

I opened up a box of Fireforge foot sergeants and took a few pictures.

 You get two of these base sprues.

You get four of these people sprues allowing you to make 48 foot sergeants, which may include up to 24 crossbowmen.

Here's a comparison pic next to an Old Glory foot sergeant and an old GW Bretonnian model.

After cutting one of my fingers off removing the sergeants from the sprue, I decided to not waste the spurting blood and painted some blood in one of the large buildings I'm working on.  I may have overdone it.

I super-glued my finger back on and it seems to working fine.  Except I can't hit shift and the h key at the same time. I probably should have pinned the bone, it'll be embarrassing if falls off in the middle of the game. I hope to have some Prussian cavalry cavalry and eastern European crossbowmen painted next time.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Victrix Lutzow Free Corps Jagers and a Three Wolf Moon


I've finished a Prussian unit, Lutzow's Free Corps Jagers.  The models are actually Victrix plastic Austrian Landwehr (1808-1815) models, but they were close enough.  

The Jagers were allowed to wear their gray Tyrolean national uniforms, probably because nobody wanted to pay for a switch.  I picked them for the change of color, wanting a change from Prussian blue.   I am ready to paint blue again.

"Minwax dip burns my unpainted eyes"

Why are jager models in the marching pose?  Because the Victrix boxes come with 56 models, and I'll do action poses some other day.

Here's most of my Prussians; I'm going to have to buy more soon.
When all your lead is painted you die

Lastly I crudely tried to paint a "Three Wolf Moon" t-shirt on a Victory Force zombie.  The model isn't done yet, but it makes me giggle and wanted to share.

The Alpha Male Zombie strikes fear in the hearts of men and is irresistible to women
Hopefully the magical healing powers associated Three Wolf Moon shirts will cure his deadness.