Monday, October 9, 2017

Saxons, Dwarves, and a Bunch of Terrain Stuff

Hello Tasteful Viewer,

It's been awhile since I've posted, so I have a lot of stuff to post.

First up are ten Renegade Saxons.

Twelve Renegade Saxon archers.

Five more Renegade Saxons.  The dragon standards are white for now, because I don't know which Saxon leader they will follow.

Here are two Black Cat Bases evil cultists.

Two plastic Warlord Prussian Landwehr.

Two old Grenadier dwarves, a mysterious Ral Partha model, and a pre-slotta Citadel female dwarf.

Here are three buildings I quickly slapped together for colonial or fantasy games.

They are just plaster and Styrofoam.  The doors are carved craft book foam.

I made some little garden plots.

And some modular wall sections.

Two Black Cat Bases toilets; it's more than obviously I didn't scrape the flash off one.

This is supposed to be a Fallout 4 defensive position.

It should be recognizable if you've played the game.

Mine hold two models.

Here's a tone of wire fencing.

And some corrugated metal fencing.

A couple movement trays, the one in back is plaster based on cardstock, the front one is cardstock and craft foam.

I based a bunch of trees.

Lastly here is a Tudor style house made out of cardstock, plastic and little wood sticks.  I'll jetty out upper floors, when I make more.  I kept the first one simple.

Till next time, when I should more Saxons and more stuff I shouldn't be doing till the Saxons are done.  I ordered a bunch of bikes and jet bikes from Ramshackle, so if they show up soon I'll probably get distracted from Saxons and paint some of those.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Lancers, Saxons, and Saxons


Today I've managed to finish 60 models.

First are a twelve pack of the Perry Dutch Red Lancers.

Their lances are plastic broom bristles, with the ends squished and trimmed.

Here are six Renegade Saxons, without body armor. (everyone on this post has broom bristle spears)

Here are eight more Renegade Saxons with mail shirts.  I need to buy some shield decals, they'd look better and save time.

Here are nineteen more Renegade Saxons with fuller mail jackets.  Renegade are slighter larger than normal 28mm miniatures, but I really like them.
The Saxon named Ash's shield looks a lot like a Pokeball.
 One Saxon with an axe and two horn blowers.

Here are six Old Glory Revolting peasants.  Who shows up to battle only armed with a pig?

Here are six spearmen.  I have no idea of manufacturer or ethniticity.  Please tell me who made these.

Here are five robots.  The gatling gun bots are Anvil Industry models.  Unlike most resin companies, Anvil Industries have reasonable prices.

The not-Fallout thing with eye stalks and the feminine model are Brother Vinni resin.  The floating head is Old Glory; he's supposed to have a clear plastic dome cover that I can't find; it was likely vacuumed by the wife.  I'm not complaining, as I don't want to do the vacuuming.

Here are two odd rocks I found in the basement of a run down cabin in the woods, outside Lake Geneva.  I was studying water fauna for Miskatonic U on one of my scientific research trips, and this old cabin called to me from the woods.

Till next time beloved viewer, when I should have more Saxons and some other stuff, but I never know what I'll paint.



Saturday, July 1, 2017

Eisenkern Stormtroopers, Robots, Tempestus Scions, Skitarri, Terrain Bits, and a Zombie

Hello Wonderful Viewer,

I have 44 things to show you today.  I hope you don't dislike sci-fi minis, because almost all the minis are sci-fi this time.  First are five Dreamforge brand Eisenkern Stormtroopers.

The skulls on their shoulders are GW decals, but of course there would be skulls on a GW decal sheet.

Here are four Anvil Industries robots.  I only finished basing two of them; want to do something different on two, but I don't know what yet.

The robots are called Unity Council C-48 'Warden' Autonomous Mechs,

Here are five GW Tempestus Scions (formerly called Kaskirin, Stormtroopers, or heavy troopers).  These ones have Skitarri heads instead of Scion ones.

Their "hellgun" cords are removed and magazines are added to rifles.  I found these in a bits bin.

Here's a comparison to a Dreamforge stormtrooper. 

Here are three Brother Vinni miniatures that bear a striking resemblance to robots in the Fallout video games.

They're resin; I wasn't careful enough and broke off the tall eyebot or drones antenna (twice).

Here are three Old Glory robots.

I'm down to 17 more robots left to paint, before I am complete with my robot army, with no rules.

Here are three Perry Prussian Landwehr cavalry.

Plastic broom whiskers are what the spears are made of.

Here are eight GW plastic Skitarri coming down a hill.

Stopped by the wall, they retreat back up the hill.

Here are two Mad Black Cat Bases brand robots, a rather large RAFM zombie, and two small Old Glory German minenwerfers.

Here are some bits of scatter terrain I made out of assorted wood bits:  pallets, picnic table, and pile of wooden beams.

Till next time, my beloved, when we shall have Dutch Red Lancers, robots, peasants, and probably more.


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Germans, Prussians, Robots, Deep Ones, Space Marines, Minenwerfer, Dacians, Adeptus Mechanicus, and some Walls

Hello Dearest Viewer,

It's been six weeks since I posted anything, but at least this time I'll show you 61 things I finished..

Here are seven little robots.  The hovering things Old Glory drones, much like little flying Fallout robots.

The three bots silently running are from Black Cat Bases.  I put one on a base made out of a circuit board, but it looks stupid.

Speaking of Black Cat Bases, here are eight of their Deep Ones, from their lovely Lovecraft line.

I loved painting these guys and want to paint more.  I know they are very shiney; I gloss coated them because Lovecraft described them as slick or slimey.

The deep ones were posing in front of some walls I made for the soon to be released Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

In case a wall gets destroyed, I built a damaged one too.

It's simple cardboard, so I soaked it in glue to make the torn "metal" not move.

 Oh dear, someone got caught in the minenwerfer explosion!

Here are some Prussians running around.  (Warlord)

Here they are running back for a thing they forgot.

Some Old Glory small WWI Minenwerfer crews.

Here they are wondering where the Prussians went.

Here's some large Old Glory Minenwerfer's.  I posted the crews in an earlier post.  I love both saying and writing Minenwerfer.                                                Minenwerfer

Three more space marines in my quest to paint one of each legion.

Black Templar, Adulator, Dark Angel.

Two Old Glory robots, I love robots. 

The blue one is named My Little Minenwerfer.

A Warlord mounted Prussian Landwehr officer and 3 Old Glory Rus swordsmen.

I secretly positioned the Rus at different angles; so you can't tell they're all the same model pose.

Here's a GW Adeptus Mechanicus boss of robots model; next to him is an old Mageknight model with a couple GW parts added.

I spared every cost on the robot, his base is even an old broken one, held together with puppy love.

Four random models.  I have no clue who made the dwarf with a catapult on his back.  The barbarian is an old Citadel model. 

I don't know who made the large medic, but he's been conscripted into my IG army.  The little IG guy is one of the worst IG sculpts from the Rogue Trader days.

Here's some random crap I glued to bases.  The brown stone is fossilized dinosaur bone; there must be a dinosaur graveyard buried in my yard.  They're chunks sliced off of larger pieces.

The green rock is a piece of Sonoran sunrise turquoise given to me by  Huitzilopochtli.  (Tournament Gamer secret:  smash several painted models before every battle, as a sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli and you always win; but never invite him to be a house guest (he leaves his socks under the couch and puts cheese in his coffee)).

Almost everyone was posing on this 6' x 4' flexible game mat I made.  It's amazingly flexible and soft.

To make a flexible mat: 1. get a big piece of canvas, 2. mix sand, brown paint and acrylic caulk (min 1 tube per 4 square feet, 3.  put goo on canvas, 4. let dry, 5. dry brush, 6. add flock if you want

Well till next time my beloved Minenwerfers, when I'll have Polish Lancers, Prussians, robots, spacemen and only Huitzilopochtli knows what else.