Sunday, April 20, 2014

Burgundian Halberds, Tanks, and In the Heart of Africa Game

 Hello Fine Viewer,

I didn't get a whole lot done over the last two weeks.  Just eight old Grenadier miniatures, which I've painted up to match my Perry plastic Burgundians.

Here they are looking at a wall

Here's one standing next to a Perry plastic handgunner.  The Grenadier models will fit in fine.

Here they are standing in bunch, with two guys painted earlier.  I really don't appreciate the sculptor making two of them left handed; it makes the group look disorganized.

Here's a couple armored vehicles from Games Workshop.  The one on the left is a Leman Russ and the one on the right is an old Rhino APC from the 1990's.

After apparently splashing red paint all over the damned place, I tried to use the hair spray technique to make paint scratches on the mufflers.  It took the red paint off perfectly, but it also took the rust colored paint underneath the hair spray off perfectly as well.  I don't know what I did wrong.

Here's a sneak preview of  a model I have on the painting table.  Ignore the guy with the mohawk.  Don't get excited though, I'm not doing very good on it.

Now on to the Heart of Africa bloodshed.

The scenario:  White men, some soldiers and a baggage train are running from a force of valiant Arab slavers, Askari, and native warriors.  Those fleeing must get the baggage to the relative safety of the mighty dice cup just past the masking tape line.

Those chasing must catch all the baggage; or kill 50% of the soldiers and capture at least one of the four baggage handler stands.

We forgot trees and the painted baggage crews.

I blame my fellow team mate's dice for us not winning.  Our plan was perfect, kill soldiers and capture baggage.

 Till next time my dear internet friends, when I hope to have more than a few models for you.  Perhaps Burgundian archers, female zombie survivors, French nappies, an OOP Citadel robot, or even possibly a Star Wars land speeder converted to match my GW Imperial Guard models.

Or I'll rebase some ancient nappy models and the post will be somewhat less exciting.

Love Baconfat

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Big Trouble Jack Burton, Ash, Jason Vorhees, and Daryl Dixon.

Hello Discerning Blog Viewer,

First today are some Wargames Factory Survivors.  The multipart plastics allow you numerous options for personalizing your survivors.  Here's my attempt at recreating Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China, Jason Vorhees, Ash Williams from the original Evil Dead movies, and a poor attempt at Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.  They're part of my zombie fighting Dream Team!
Jack, Jason, Ash, and Daryl preparing to take a bite out of the zombie horde
Jack and Ash have stupid poses; I was trying to make them stand similar to their movie poster poses, but it just looks awkward.   I've made the Shaun of the Dead guys and new Evil Dead Mia character, just no paint yet.

Jason chopping up zombies and humans.  His mask obscures his vision making everyone look like a zombie.

Topless zombies don't stand a chance against Jason Vorhees.
Jason survival rule number 1:  Never take off your shirt

Here are a couple Reaper minis:  Max Decker Private Eye and Oddjob, a James Bond villian, who throws his hat around.     Oddjob's paintjob was destroyed by a varnish clouding disaster.  He really looks terrible, kind of like lead rot.
Watch out Max!  He's got a hat!!!

Here's a couple WW1 Germans;  the first two are Great War Games (I think) and the chap laying down with a cloudy varnish coat is Old Glory.  I'm pretending I meant to make him dusty looking.

The guy in the middle has some sort of knit cap under his helmet.

A beat up oven and some garden gnomes.  The gnomes will be characters in the local Travelocity campaign games.
The oven is quite small, more of a RV oven.  The gnomes are not huge.

The delightful garden gnomes are Zombie Plague miniatures.  I think the evil genius Roebeast sculpts some of the best zombie miniatures available.  You can buy your own by going to his terrific blog "Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine"

Must find and kill that damned Gieco Pig!

Lastly, I've finished another 24" x 24" piece of urban rubble.  I'm trying to create a 10' x 4' table by October, for the Battle in the Bosque convention.   More details will be added if I get the remaining half of the table done this far.

Old Warzone minis clearing the rubble of a space midget infestation.  I don't know why but I think I must have painted 40 or so of those 40K space hobbits.

Till next time, when I should have some Grenadier halberdiers done.

Love Baconfat