Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Female Zombie Killers, French 3rd Hussars, Prussian Officers, Lady Spies, Fall-Out Vault Surviver, Blofeld, Mechwarrior, Citadel Robot, and a Dacian

Hello Dear Distinguished Viewer,

I have an assortment of painted miniatures for you this week.

First are some female zombie killers.  They're from Wargames Factory's "The Women" boxed set.  I had every intention of making the African American lady out to be Mishan from the Walking dead, until I had realized I had glued a shotgun to the wrong model.

Here are some French 3rd Hussars.  They are Perry plastic models and a pleasure to paint.  That said I may never paint another damned Hussar.  They took forever to paint.  I'm not sure their uniforms are to blue, I read their uniform was Argentine blue, but everybody else on the internet paints there's gray.

Their sabertaches (French for man purse) won't stay glued on.  I would glue them on before painting next time.

Hussars running around pointlessly
I've only now realized, that I forgot to give them carbines and I didn't paint the horn blower's sword hilt.

Here's two Perry metal Prussian Officers close to vegetation that is not historical, but livens up their boring bases.   I think the Perry with only one arm must have sculpted these on a bad they.  One's face is ugly like Chunk from the movie Goonies.  The other has a huge chunk of metal between his head and his raised sword.  There the only two Perry miniatures that have ever displeased me.

More Reaper models.  The bald chap looks alot like the James Bond villian Blofeld and there's a couple female spies from Reaper, they'll probably get eaten by zombies.

A couple monsters from the out of print Doom Boardgame, by Fantasy Flight?  I'm painting their bases black until I come up with a decent theme for more Doom monsters in the painting cue.  I didn't paint their irises yet, because I forgot.

Here's a old Mechwarrior toy.  It has to be probably a 1/72 or smaller scale; at 1/56 or 1/48 it should between 6-8" tall; I know I have some; but, it is about the same size as a Games Workshop space marine dreadnaught.  I didn't spend much time on it doing things like removing mold lines.
That's a 28mm clone trooper head on his base.

An old long out of production Citadel robot.  I apologize for the dull paint job.  The ones in the old White Dwarf adds were so colorful.  I have five more to paint some day, so I may paint them up correctly like clowns.

the cild is included for scale, an adult may have been a better choice

And lastly a group of random miniatures.  First a Reaper model, who I tried to paint up like a Fall-out video game vault surviver, but the yellow stripes came out awful.  A Reaper cat lady.  A Wargame Factory plastic male surviver.  A Dacian leader with a sword, who somehow snuck into the painting cue.

could the second from the right be Mrs. Blofeld?

Till next time when I hope to show you some futuristic Nova Corp troops and a few Burgundian archers.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gameday 2014


I didn't get a chance to post any painted mini picks this, but I did attend one of the two local miniature conventions, Gameday.  Here are a few pictures from some of the games a friend took.

A Darkest Africa game from the master of scenario design Dave.

A 15mm Napoleonics game with lots of well painted eye candy.

A medieval Japanese skirmish game with an incredible selection of buildings.

Part of a large WW2 aircraft battle, with amazing models

A well designed Sword and the Flame that had the players cheering.
A suprise for the players, zombies unexpectadly appear.
 A pulp action adventure with an exciting prison break.
 A really large sea battle, with untold quantities of ships.

A couple scenes from the biggest Flames of War game ever.

 I used my trench table for the last time.
 You can't tell but the burnign smoke clouds have flickering tea lights inside, to make them look like they're really burning.

Till Sunday, when I hope to have miniatures to show you.

love, Baconfat

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Voltigeurs, Heritage Rebasing, and the IG Steals a Clone Speeder

Hello Dearest Humans,

Today I have more minis painted.  When a couple local gamers decided to finally try Sharp Practice, I realized I did not have very many single based French.  We needed French, so I painted some.

First are some plastic Perry voltigeurs.  They were a pleasure to paint.

 Here are some Front Rank (I think) voltigeurs.  They're repainted used minis.  Some are still on round bases, because I couldn't pry them all off they're coins without breaking them.   I know because I'll because I'm having having a funeral/burial in the back yard tonight for the guys that died during the transfer.

 I love repainting other peoples minis; it's as if the primer is my painting guide.  I did not repaint these used Heritage minis.  I was happy with just getting them off their huge washers (seen below).  I prefer square bases, as they're easier to form up into tighter units and they take up less shelf space.
They haven't eaten in awhile.  The guy in the middle is even delirious, thinking he is carrying a flag.

Highlight of the post.

A couple light French troops from Foundry.  I don't know why I painted them, they're the only two I have.

Here's the comparison pic that the world has been clamoring for.  Front Rank (once again probably), Perry, Heritage.
Front Rank, Perry plastic, Heritage.

 While painting and re-basing French, I was distracted by something shiny.   When I awoke from my wandering, I realized that I had painted a GW flagellant.  I think he's actually for the Mordhiem game, but he'll fit in just fine with the rest of my crazed religious zealots.
The eye paint is bad, he's got cat eyes.
Here is a Infantry Support Platform speeder my Imperial Guard models stole from the Empire.  After beheading the previous soulless owners (clones) the Imperial Guard motor pool guys applied a quick paint job to hide the theft.


Here's what it use to look like, complete with bent gun barrels.
I stole this picture off Google Images

Here's a picture comparing it to other speeders.  I don't know why I didn't use guard model head with eye protection.  They're going to have a hard time seeing if they drive very fast.  I will keep them on a shelf separate from the Guard Ground Safety Monitor or I'll probably have to fill out some hazard identification reports.
Space Marines, Stolen ISP Speeder, Ancient Imperial Army Speeder

Here's a picture of their rear ends.

How do these stupid things land?

Till next time, I have no idea what I'll paint.

love Baconfat