Friday, June 25, 2010

Elderly Painting Companions

I paint with a couple old ladies, Candy and Scooter.

Candy is a Nanday Conure who is extremely needy and loud old lady. She's outgoing and wants to sit on my shoulders anytime I'm home. Besides continually grabbing at brushes, her biggest problem painting with her is that she likes to help (hinder) flocking models.

She loves to swim and play in water, so I have to keep the poisonous brush rinsing mug uncomfortably far from myself.

Scooter, a red headed conure, is another old lady who is much more shy. She's not as attention needy with an extreme desire to constantly touch me as Candy, but if you don't ring her little toy bells about once an hour she screeches at the top of her hearing damage causing lungs.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dr CthWholhu?

In my pile of lead, I found and painted some sci-fi/horror models .

Three UNIT troopers (including an officer, GW/RAFM)
three truly awful models called Time Lord Player Characters (GW/RAFM). The "time lords are really deformed looking, but still easy to paint.
And another 2 UNIT troopers and Sergeant I found, after finishing the others. I also have a small bag of pulp Cthulhu? minis that'd be good for Dr Who games. Hopefully I'll paint soon more of them up soon.
Here are two poorly painted two Cthulhu characters?(I guess from RAFM). The lady carries a revolver and purse; the Indiana Jones look-a-like has a whip, revolver, and dynamite. They might make good Dr Who game models.


Hittite Test Models

These are a couple test models for a 1K point army of Warhammer Ancient Battles Hittites. The musician's weapon fell off.

60th Perry British Infantry

Hello, here are my slow first attempts at British Line troops for the Peninsular War era. I bought two of the Perry boxes, so I still have the onerous task of assembling, painting and basing another 60 models. Below are pictures of everyone I've painted so far.

the grenadiers or light infantry:
five line troops:
command, no flags yet, because I fear painting them:
Here's a size comparison with Victrix Artillery Officer, Perry Officer, and an old Minifig(?) sapper.
The back of the two officers, the Victrix officer should be thoroughly embarrassed arriving for a photo shoot without proper flocking. Someone will have to be flogged.

Victrix British Artillery Gun

I haven't blogged in a while, work and family's been eating up time, but I plan on posting more often as I haven't given up painting too much painting time.

Somewhat not exciting, but what you see here is a finished (tabletop quality at best) Victrix plastic six pound artillery piece. They're whores to assemble, but seem to paint up rather quickly if you're not a Nappy Nazi.

I don't really know what color the guns hardware is supposed to be. The box art appears to a dull brass, but some internet pictures are a brighter brass or black. I'll do the other guns the latter two, until I find out the toothy truth.