Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Victrix British Artillery Gun

I haven't blogged in a while, work and family's been eating up time, but I plan on posting more often as I haven't given up painting too much painting time.

Somewhat not exciting, but what you see here is a finished (tabletop quality at best) Victrix plastic six pound artillery piece. They're whores to assemble, but seem to paint up rather quickly if you're not a Nappy Nazi.

I don't really know what color the guns hardware is supposed to be. The box art appears to a dull brass, but some internet pictures are a brighter brass or black. I'll do the other guns the latter two, until I find out the toothy truth.


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  1. Wow - the cannon looks great. I saw by a more recent post that you've since seen an Osprey on the subject. I was lucky to score some old, but pristine Ospreys from Half Price Books earlier this year for about $7.00 per. One book is Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars. There are color plates for rocket artillery (and they do have legs for the rear); but no color plates of British artillery proper. Dean