Sunday, December 9, 2018

28mm Gaslands, Rogue Trader Pirates, Post Apocalyptic Vehicles, HYW Cavalry, Table Clutter, Imperial Guardsmen, Tank Traps, Shelves, and More

Greetings Distinguished Viewer of Things Miniscule,

I have an assortment of junk to show you today.  First up are two cars for 28mm Gaslands gangs.  They're metal toys found at a yard sale.

I don't know their "scale", but they fit well with 28mm minis.

The arrow is pointing to a secret noise button.  I stole engine revving, flashing light, horn honking car noises from dollar store toys.

Here are some Citadel Rogue Trader era pirates and mercenaries.  Some had great names like Breakout Con and Hacker Harris.

Here's a much newer GW robot.  I like a lot of the newer Adeptus Mechanicus models.

I think it's called a Kastellan.

Here's a camper I found at a drug store and modified for the apocalypse.  The couches were ripped out of interior prior to painting it.

 I should have used manufactured barbed wire, instead of making my own.

I painted a couple old Imperial Guardsmen in Star Wars Naval Trooper colors.

A dollar store toy repainted.

A couple more dollar store finds.

A Copplestone survivor and a Rogue Trader model called "Punk".

Here are some store shelves from Old Glory.

Here are some cabinets, also Old Glory.

Here are some battlefield scatter and a car fro The Walking Dead miniature game.

I tried to paint a girly mag on one of the loot pieces.

Here are some tank traps made out of florist foam.

Here are some dollar store toys smashed to look like old husks.

Some grass patches, they stick well to felt mats, not my rubber mats.

Here are "I don't know whats", they're super glue lids.

I often make building interiors for a game I'll never play.
 another one.

a real grungy one, bad things have happened here.

Here are nine HYW cavalry from Essex, that I painted for a great friend.

Lastly I tried to make my own Star Wars miniatures game.  Mine attempt is of course the clumsy looking one on the left.

In the back ground are previews of future posts.

Till next time, love and kisses,