Saturday, December 28, 2013

WW2 Americans and Three Little Pigs


For Baconfat's first "Not Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge" entry we have a small unit of late war U.S. soldiers, produced by Wargames Factory.    50 points
The kit allows for BARs, Thompsons, Grease guns, 1911s.

The terrible box art appears that the men are wearing the tan jackets from earlier US uniforms.

Pointless size comparison pic:

Wizkids, Wargames Factory, GW

Speaking ofBaconfat, here are three 20mm pigs on integral bases.
Left to right:   Large Black,  Sandy and Black, Gloucestershire Old Spot  +12 points

And a couple dirty mattresses for pigs to sleep on during post apocalyptic games.  0 points

So Baconfat has an early lead in points with 62 points!  I see Bacon has pulled their fat out of the fire and now I fully expect Baconfat to pull through and win the challenge.

Next week will be some Perry Burgundian Mercenaries.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

28mm Khurasan Federal Army Miniatures and some Furniture


     Today,  I'm pleased to post for your viewing pleasure some of Khurasan's new line of 28mm sci-fi troops.  Khurasan has produced three pack of these Federal Army troops.  In the picture you'll see two of the three packs, the regular troops and heavy weapons.  The other pack, which I did not buy, is some  machine gunners.

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but there is four different shades of green on the models.  From a distance the colors blend making the models look drab and boring.

You can see how the match up with other miniature lines, left to right:  Khurasan, Warzone (plastic), Khurasan, GW (plastic).    The Federal troopers are slighter, but yet taller than space marines.  They are sculpted in a far more realistic way than most popular sci-fi models.  If they were shorter they would make great Imperial Guard as they would make marines look bigger and tougher.

Here's some homemade post apocalyptic furniture for terrain pieces I'm working on.  They be dirtied up as they find their places in rubble heaps or hovels.

Next time I'll have miniatures I painted for the NOT Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge.  There's some Wargames Factory WW2 models, Perry mercenary hand gunners, and three little pigs on the way.

Merry Christmas,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

In the Heart of Africa Game


No painted minis this time, I haven't finished the latest batches basing.  Instead of painting I played in a fun game of In the Heart of Africa.  

In the Heart of Africa is a fun, easy to learn, fast playing wargame that is not burdened with excessive dice rolling, mindless acronyms, mandatory army lists, or complicated charts.  Author Chris Peers' rules cover the time of European conquest and exploration of Africa.  

Members of the local gaming club play fairly regular games and all of the scenarios tried have been a ton of fun.  I've just never remembered to bring a camera and poorly document some of the fun. 

Today's scenario was simpler than usual.  The British and Sudanese soldiers must defend the camp from Arab mercenaries and allies.  

The European side consisted of a unit of British soldiers, two units of Sudanese soldiers, and a very talented inspiring leader.  
British Camp

The attackers consisted of two units of musket Askaris, two units of heavily armed rifle Askaris, a unit of hard Arab mercenary swordsmen with matchlocks, two units of spear armed units, and a mediocre leader.  The spear units arrive late for the battle and dice must be rolled to see if they can show up in later turns.

on the left a few defenders come out to disrupt the attackers movement.  IGNORE the guys in the dark green they come in on later turns, just convenient storage.

The heavily outnumbered defender decided to castle up in his camp.  This was most likely a mistake as his longer shooting ranges would have been more effective pouring bullets through the clearings instead of depending on the protection of barricades.  This also allowed the natives to focus force on one side of defenders.  Regardless, this is the only scenario I've heard of that might be unbalanced and I think the defender was at a severe disadvantage.

The attackers plan was to use the crappier expendable troops as a screen till the superior troops could lay down the hammer.  The jungles kept changing color, very high tech table, there's nothing wrong with the camera.

The screeners suffered high casualty rates and later were almost wiped out before calling it a day.

Defenders start pulling back in fear as the attackers keep pouring forward!

what the last picture said

same as before, but now you can see both sides of the table

Attacker swarm one point of the camp while others pour in fire

a giant hand descends from the heavens and removes men wearing fezes

The nearly depleted villains are nearly overwhelmed by the spearmen

Game called, Good guys win! Only two Sudanese and the Command element await a grisly end

Many thanks to the awesome Dave for running these games, and to my terrific team mate Erick, and the most graciously defeated Steve.

Till next time!   Khurassan 28mm humans and some fake leather couches in some more mediocre bloginess which will as always be accompanied by the terrible photography!


Saturday, December 7, 2013

WW1 Early War French

Hello Sophisticated Viewer,

Here are some Renegade Miniature Early War French.   Finishing them put the 2013 painted total up to over 400!

Renegade's website has been down since September.  Hopefully they start the business up again or at least sell the line of miniatures.

In poorly lighted/photographed action!

You can see below that Renegade matches well with Brigade and Great War brand minis.  The miniatures are a little larger than most 28mm historicals, being far bigger than Old Glory or Battle Honors WWI lines.  They're big enough to match up with Games Workshop models.
Renegade, Brigade, Renegade, Great War, Renegade, Games Workshop

Till next time when their be some Khurassan 28mm sci-fi troops, with what is turning out to be a potentially awful paint job.

After that I plan on pretending I was allowed into the 4th annual Analogue Hobbies ( painting challenge.  I didn't sign up in time and am not being included, but I of course refuse to let that stop me.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Warzone Miniatures and a Black Friday Bug Hunt


Not much painting to show you today, just a few Target Games Warzone Capital models.  I've painted them up to look like Cobra soldiers from the GI Joe comics.  The boonie hats are green stuff.

Some of these Cobra models were provided their very first opportunity to die for me, their new Commander.

Every Black Friday, some of the local gamers put on an annual Starship troopers game.  Every player brings one squad of troopers (10 ground pounders, 5 jump troops, or 3 heavy mech things) and a goal to survive.

table from green skin side, before many models placed

This year about 18 players crash landed on a Greenskin (40K ork) planet during a bug infestation.  The soldiers must make it from crash site to a nearby Greenskin settlement, take it over, and await pick up.  Oh, and they are completely surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of bugs.

Tragically the Corellian freighter pilot and hairy alien copilot died in the crash.  For an unknown reason,  a Gungan alien was allowed to hold the wheel for just a moment.  "Wesa goina crash!"

bugs and greenskins pouring out of everywhere to surround the hapless troopers.

a very blurry pic of the few survivors, the camera man was the first to die
Till next time, when there'll be more random minis.