Saturday, December 7, 2013

WW1 Early War French

Hello Sophisticated Viewer,

Here are some Renegade Miniature Early War French.   Finishing them put the 2013 painted total up to over 400!

Renegade's website has been down since September.  Hopefully they start the business up again or at least sell the line of miniatures.

In poorly lighted/photographed action!

You can see below that Renegade matches well with Brigade and Great War brand minis.  The miniatures are a little larger than most 28mm historicals, being far bigger than Old Glory or Battle Honors WWI lines.  They're big enough to match up with Games Workshop models.
Renegade, Brigade, Renegade, Great War, Renegade, Games Workshop

Till next time when their be some Khurassan 28mm sci-fi troops, with what is turning out to be a potentially awful paint job.

After that I plan on pretending I was allowed into the 4th annual Analogue Hobbies ( painting challenge.  I didn't sign up in time and am not being included, but I of course refuse to let that stop me.


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  1. Nice work, James. I do like red trousered French. Renegade makes some good Early-War French. BTW, if I ever do WW1 again, I plan to use a modified version of Bolt Action. Best, Dean