Monday, October 9, 2017

Saxons, Dwarves, and a Bunch of Terrain Stuff

Hello Tasteful Viewer,

It's been awhile since I've posted, so I have a lot of stuff to post.

First up are ten Renegade Saxons.

Twelve Renegade Saxon archers.

Five more Renegade Saxons.  The dragon standards are white for now, because I don't know which Saxon leader they will follow.

Here are two Black Cat Bases evil cultists.

Two plastic Warlord Prussian Landwehr.

Two old Grenadier dwarves, a mysterious Ral Partha model, and a pre-slotta Citadel female dwarf.

Here are three buildings I quickly slapped together for colonial or fantasy games.

They are just plaster and Styrofoam.  The doors are carved craft book foam.

I made some little garden plots.

And some modular wall sections.

Two Black Cat Bases toilets; it's more than obviously I didn't scrape the flash off one.

This is supposed to be a Fallout 4 defensive position.

It should be recognizable if you've played the game.

Mine hold two models.

Here's a tone of wire fencing.

And some corrugated metal fencing.

A couple movement trays, the one in back is plaster based on cardstock, the front one is cardstock and craft foam.

I based a bunch of trees.

Lastly here is a Tudor style house made out of cardstock, plastic and little wood sticks.  I'll jetty out upper floors, when I make more.  I kept the first one simple.

Till next time, when I should more Saxons and more stuff I shouldn't be doing till the Saxons are done.  I ordered a bunch of bikes and jet bikes from Ramshackle, so if they show up soon I'll probably get distracted from Saxons and paint some of those.