Sunday, May 12, 2019

X-Wing Crash, Aliens, Steel Legion Guardsmen, Robots, Junk, and alot of Saxons

Happy Mother's Day Distinguished Internet Viewer,

     Today I have 81 little things to show you.  

First up is an Star Wars X-Wing crash scenery piece.

It's made out of an old Mattel toy that I scavenged for parts years ago.  The base is dense chip board, blue foam, plaster, sand, and craft paint.

The X-Wing got a quick airbrush, a tiny bit of blue marking, and generous stain washes.

Here are ten Old Glory/Blue Moon Plutonians.  I painted one of their heads like a candy corn to designate a leader.

Here are warriors from Uranus. :)   They are also Old Glory/Blue Moon.  They'd make great W40K IG conscripts.

For a leader, I gave one a Gargoyle Gang emblem on his jacket.

Here's an old Citadel tech ganger and some weird model from an unknown company.

The ganger has a space marine armor and an Old Glory robot arm.

Here are three Steel Legion Imperial Guardsmen, now called Astar Munchliptorium.

Here are some Wizkid models.    The robot things have Old Glory arms.  I think I will have to repaint the box shaped one, I HATE how it came out.

The panther is about the size of a 50 pound dog.

Three Antenocitis Workshop public phones and a Crooked Dice mini of a VCR, bottles, and tube tv on a tire.

Ten Saxon slingers.  All of the Saxons in this post are from Renegade and you'll notice I haven't finished the bases.  If I finished the bases, I wouldn't be able to tell them apart from Saxons I've shown you before.

Thirteen spearmen.

Six more spearmen.

Seven Saxons with chainmail and hand weapons.

Three horn blowers.

Lastly nine more spearmen.

Till next time my beloved, when I might have some post apocalyptic 7TV stuff to show you, but I never really know.