Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dragoons and a Drummer

Hello Enlightened One,
Today I took a few pictures of some plastic Perry French Dragoons that I recently finished painting.  Well as finished as they're going to get; I've noticed now on the computer, that I've forgotten to paint any socks or head spots on the horses.  They're good enough, I'll paint some socks on the hundred or so French cavalry that I've yet to paint.

I attempted to paint them as the 20eme Regiment de Dragons, because that unit was involved in conflict all over Europe.

I hope to use these guys for Sharp Practice games.

Here's the drummer for the French fusiliers I recently finished.  Drummers take so much longer to paint, with their fancy pancy jackets, that they don't always make the group photo.

Till next time when I hope to have some Perry Prussian Reservists and random space marines painted; If I get busy maybe some French Line Lancers or terrain.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Imperial Guardsmen, a Few French, a Couple Space Marines, and Ral Partha Africans


I've gotten a few models out of the painting queue.

First are some old Imperial Guard models called Mordians.  I've painted them an impractical red, because I painted a few others red some years back.

I've gathered up all my red 40K models, maybe they'll be a retinue for the two inquisitors.  The Imperial Guard models could be their ships crew.  I hate the idea of everything in the 40K universe being manned by cyborg zombie servitors.  It's plainly a waste of good cyborg parts, when you have trillions of humans eating food, you should put them to work.  Use the cyborg zombies for important work.

Here's a couple French sappers, a Warlord Games  and a Genie of the Guard Sapper.  The sapper is just a Victrix Imperial Guard body with a Perry cuirassier head.

I saw a picture on the internet of over a hundred space marine chapters and thought it might be fun to paint one of each.  To start I painted two of the easiest chapters:  Death Strike and Dark Hunters.   Paint  completely blue, add a couple details, wash, and done.

Lastly are some old Ral Partha  or possibly RAFM Africans.  I painted these up very fast without any sort of reference or idea of the correct colors, so please forgive me if they're all wrong.

Till next time, when I promise to have the previously promised French Dragoons pictured.  I haven't attached their scabbards yet.  I've also started some Perry Prussian Reservists and some French Chevaux-Legers Lanciers.  The lancers will be the 5eme Regiment because I like the colors.

Love Baconfat

Saturday, July 5, 2014

French Voltigeurs and Two Lady Survivors

Welcome Dear Viewer,

I don't have too much to show you today.  I managed to finish another ten models.  

First are eight plastic Perry Voltiguers.

Here's a rear shot.

Here they are with the first seven I painted last month.  I only need to paint nine more.  The newer guys are a little darker; my army painter shade is getting too thick.  I wish I knew what to thin it with.

Here are two Reaper models.  The left one is metal and the right one is "bones" plastic.  The bones model wasn't a very good mould.  There isn't much of a nose of the lady's face and the chainsaw blade is flimsy and whimsically bendable.  To top off the rather poor paint job, I made a stupid looking base for her.

And I forgot to paint their hair bands.

Till next time, when there should be some 40K Imperial Guard models and some French Dragoons, that I'm about 80% done with.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

French Fusiliers and a In the Heart of Africa Game


I haven't posted in nearly a month, but I promise to post more often.  I was busy though.  I finished a 20 man group of French fusiliers for Sharp Practice games.  They're a mix of Perry plastics and Front Rank metals.

Here they are standing in a block.

Here they are going the wrong direction.

These are some of the Perry plastics.

Perry plastics in great coats.  I'll be painting more of these in the future, super quick with no uniform details.

Here's Front Rank advancing.

Here's some Front Rank guys in the marching pose.

I gave them a Foundry officer.  He's a little shorter than the rest of them.  I'll call him Aalis, which is short for Adelais.

I painted one Grenadier too; he's Front Rank too, I think.

I did play a game of In the Heart of Africa, put on by our great game umpire Dave.  I controlled the Colonials versus a bunch of natives and Arabs.

I had one group of native spear men, four Sudanese rifles, a group of Askaris with muskets, a leader (Dr. Livingston) and two white men friends, and some Sudanese soldiers.  Our goal was to protect the four baggage tokens.

I felt that their best plan was to swing around and attack one flank.  They could avoid alot of gunfire damage prior to swarming my guys and massacring them.

Once they had committed to the flank, I moved the troops into a new line facing them.  I

Here's the troops forming their new line; you can't see most of the enemy.

My plan of avoiding contact and slowing move my line backwards together with their slow movement worked great.  The ragged line was terrific at focusing fire on one enemy unit at a time and wiping them out.

Here's the final shot.  The colonials only lost maybe one or two Askaris, when the attackers had suffered such brutal fire, that they had no choice of but to retire.  The native Arab force rolled terribly for movement and probably should have attacked the shorter distance straight accross the table with a skirmish screen.  I thought their plan was great, but it just didn't work out this time.

Here's some random pics near the end of the game, I kept forgetting to take photos with my crappy Barbie camera.

The French men earlier were posing on my first attempt at teddy bear fur terrain.  I ump'd a large Sharp Practice game at the local game shop Twin Suns, but only remembered to take one Barbie cam pic.

Till next time, cherished viewer, when I should have more French voltiguers, mounted Dragoons, 40K Mordian Imperial Guardsmen, and a couple post-apocalyptic survivors completed.