Saturday, February 9, 2019

Battlestations Second Edition Miniatures

Happy Weekend,

I've painted a bunch of Battlestations miniatures for a friend.   Battlestations is an incredibly fun multi-map tabletop space ship table top game.   It simultaneously mashes starship versus starship space battles, with 28mm skirmish style wargaming complete with boarding and teleporting, and a roleplaying experience as your little robots and aliens gain skills, equipment, and weapons for their next adventure.

Here are eight "Bots".  Bots are useful soldiers, medics, engineers, science officers, and even pilots.

Here are two human females and a suit of power armor.

It's a Tony Stark Humpty Dumpty suit.

Cockroaches can survive in outer space.   These classy water bugs call themselves Zoalians.

Non-flying spaghetti monsters called Tentacs.

Sentient clay and rock creatures called Silicoids.

Vine tree shrubbery creature things called Canosians.

Fast moving six legged Xeloxians.

A feathery Whistler, bloblike Trundlian, and a living mushroom Fungaloid.

I did not paint the Trundlian very well.

A two headed snake Diploid and a gregarious plant creature Kerbite.

I don't know which end the Diploid's poo poo comes out.

Lastly two more humans and a beastman called an Elephantoid.  There are quite a few more aliens and beastmen that I didn't paint.

I promise Battlestations is ridiculous amount of fun for two to eight humans.
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