Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sarmatian Heavy Cavalry, Rohir, and Brettonians


I managed to finish a few more models.  First up are ten metal Warlord Sarmation heavy cavalry. 

They might be good proxy models for LotR games as Rohan Royal Guard.

Speaking of Rohan, I finished a couple more riders.

 They're back and forth by three of those silly Uruk Hai bomb things.
 I also painted a few random old GW Brettonian models. 

The guy on the far right has a rather high-tech crossbow.

Till next time, when I hope to have some French fusiliers, Oldhammer Imperial Guard, terrain, and more complete.

Love and Kisses,

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Perrry Burgundians, Reaper Tool Bots, Riot Police, 40K Servitors, Oldhammer Spearmen, Brettonian Crewman, and a few Plants.


I have managed finish another 30 minis and really hope to break the 500 mark this year.  First are some plastic Perry Mercenaries crossbow men. 

Here are five Heroclix police officers.  I liked the original sweat shop painter's color scheme and tried hard to match the original colors. 

Here's some long out of production metal Citadel fantasy minis.  The Empire spearmen have Fireforge shields.  I'm pretty sure the shirtless guy was a Brettonian crew man.

Here are six of the stupidest models I've ever painted.   GW's undead servitors cyborg slaves are extremely cartoony models. 
 I don't know how they have the strength in their putrid bodies to raise those giant robot lobster claws.
 Regardless of my disdain, I've managed to collect 17 of the ugly things.  I think they can fix tanks in 40K games or deliver a rather nasty pinch.
 Here's five of Reaper's diminutive "tool bots".  They took about ten minutes to paint.

 Lastly, a small gathering of useless terrain.   Maybe it could be used for that new game Frostgrave.  The plant things are little bits of terrarium plants, that my cat Cthulhu stole from our tarantula cave.

Till next time, when I'll have some Rohan riders that forgot to make it to today's scheduled photo shoot.  There'll be more Brettonians, maybe Sarmation cavalry, a tank?, and a Napoleonic French guest appearance.

Love and Kisses,