Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Old Citadels, LOTR Minis, Zombie Survivors, and a Couple Dragoons


I've recently finished painting a few random models that had sitting at the back of the painting cue for ages.

These are three old Citadel Clerics.  I don't believe Warhammer Fantasy uses clerics anymore, but one could probably mix them in with a Flagellant unit.

Look how big our hands are!

Here's three random LOTR models.  I painted the human armor three times, but couldn't make it look like the movie.  At least they're painted, I'll probably never use them for anything.

Here's two humans that I'm calling survivors for zombie gaming.  The one on the left is a mechanic from Prince August's sci-fi line.  The picture came out bad; that dog turd in the middle of his face is a cigar and a poorly painted/badly sculpted mustache.

The mad scientist looking fellow is probably from Grenadier's Call of Cthulhu line.  Or maybe RAFM, I can't remember and I'm not ripping him off the base to check.

It's Ronald McDonald's angry older brother.
I painted up four more dismounted Perry plastic French Dragoons.

Now there is finally enough for a small Black Powder or Sharpes Practice unit.
Where the F did our horses go?


Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Mini Mini Tables


I've made a few more mini mini tables.  The one on the left is a rough copy of what I believe was a Star Fleet Battles game, but I couldn't find it on the Enfilade events listing.

Zombies don't enjoy the record keeping in games like Star Fleet Battles or Battletech.
The middle board is supposed to be Mike Garcia's "Dino Hunt" game.  I forgot to glue on the cave and attempts at green stuffing dinosaurs resulted in fail.

The right board is a naval battle.  Gray spots on a blue table seemed really dull, so I set one "ship" on fire and attempted at some splashes to simulate rounds falling short of the target.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two More Tiny Tables


I finished up two more tiny tables and hope to finish three or four more tonight.  The plan is for 24 in total, then I'll start on vendor tables.   After that I'll find out what ASL is and what the ASL players do in their secret Enfilade wing.  Then the zombies attack.

The one on the left is a set of DBA boards for the DBA tournament at every convention.  They are actually way too big, but making them to scale would have been very difficult.  I've included one of those weird banded magic wands that DBA players carry around.  I think the multicolored wand is to scare away new players, but I'm just a muggle and can't be sure.

The table on the right is a poor rendition of Bruce Meyer's very neat "Aim True Lads, that's a Truck Full of Vodka" table.   Had to stick some cardboard under two legs as the table was too wobbly, because I was drinking vodka when making it.  Well coffee with vodka, not a particularly good choice.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

.02 mm Scale Wargames Tables


When you play .02 mm scale wargames, you don't need very big tables.  

When I was at Enfilade, between games I would go over my zombie escape plan just in case zombies attacked the Red Lion Hotel.  Later driving home, I thought it would be alot of fun to put on a zombie game where the zombies are attacking Enfilade!  How would so many table top generals deal with an actual zombie horde?  Most likely we'd all get eaten.

I just need some hotel/convention floor plans to make a big table covered with tiny tables.  Old men vs. Zombies.  Here's the first two tables.  On the left is a very miniature version of a friend Dean's "Something like Salamanca" Black Powder game (  On the right is a miniature version of a WWI trench table I made.  I won a prize for the real table, best in period, I'm not sure if that period was for best WWI terrain or best Saturday night terrain.

Zombies gather to play a game or two of "Humans"

Zombies enjoy excessive dice rolling and predictable "I go, you go" initiative systems.

I'm going to make miniature versions of all the Enfilade games that I can find pictures of.  Though, I won't get to put the game on at Enfilade 2013 as I should be moving to Albuquerque very soon.