Wednesday, June 20, 2012

.02 mm Scale Wargames Tables


When you play .02 mm scale wargames, you don't need very big tables.  

When I was at Enfilade, between games I would go over my zombie escape plan just in case zombies attacked the Red Lion Hotel.  Later driving home, I thought it would be alot of fun to put on a zombie game where the zombies are attacking Enfilade!  How would so many table top generals deal with an actual zombie horde?  Most likely we'd all get eaten.

I just need some hotel/convention floor plans to make a big table covered with tiny tables.  Old men vs. Zombies.  Here's the first two tables.  On the left is a very miniature version of a friend Dean's "Something like Salamanca" Black Powder game (  On the right is a miniature version of a WWI trench table I made.  I won a prize for the real table, best in period, I'm not sure if that period was for best WWI terrain or best Saturday night terrain.

Zombies gather to play a game or two of "Humans"

Zombies enjoy excessive dice rolling and predictable "I go, you go" initiative systems.

I'm going to make miniature versions of all the Enfilade games that I can find pictures of.  Though, I won't get to put the game on at Enfilade 2013 as I should be moving to Albuquerque very soon.



  1. James:

    Holy Cow! That is some incredible scratch-building! Before I read your post, I looked at the photo and said to myself how those buildings look just like the ones I have! I've yet to read your reply to my Yahoo email (can't open it here at work), but if you're around I need you to build me some Greco-Roman buildings in 1/1200th scale! Best, Dean

    P.S. that scenario you're working on is genius too.

    P.P.S. Your WWI game won for the time slot (aka period) - against all others, so not just WWI.

  2. lol very cool. they look great

  3. Haha that's awesome, I like them a lot!

  4. That is totally MAD! How are you going to paint the pips on the dice though? ;-)

  5. Wow, talk about meta gaming. I think that is damn awesome.

  6. Crazy stuff, great painting on those tiny buildings.

  7. That is just brilliant! What a great idea, although I worry that some of the gamers might be too busy to notice the shambling horde bearing down on them!

  8. That is just pure win!!!

    Great idea and well done indeed!!!

  9. Great job, they look better than my real table when its up. Keep up the great work