Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dacians, Empire Archers, Rogue Trader, and Terrain Progress

Firstly are four Foundy Dacian bolt throwers.  Sadly there are only two crew options, but I can't complain as they were quite a bargain compared to the nicer but far more expensive Warlord Games models.
I've recently finished some more models from the lead mountain.  Second are some metal GW Empire archers, from the 80's and 90's.  My rather large Empire horde was previously archer free.
 And a couple old Bretonians (I have no desire to learn how to spell that correctly).  The guy on the right apparently needs a little touch up already.

Here are some ancient Rogue Trader/40K models.  A halfling from the Adventures line, a penitent (now called penal legion), a old inquisitor wearing an elaborate toilet bowl around his neck, and a model labeled "Punk"from the Adventurer range.  They a posing on a terrain bit I've been working on.

Here's a few ugly pieces of furniture I made out of balsa wood.  Hand crafting furniture is tiresome and the results are blah.  I'll be making an order from Ainsty Castings, so my post apocalyptic models have proper furniture to sit on between battles.

Here's the latest post apocalyptic building I've been working on.  The sunlight was so bright outside that it completely blurs out all the rubble.

Till next time, pleasant viewer, when I hope to have some WW1 Germans done and maybe a LOTR Mumak.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rifles, Terrain Bits, a Couple Zombies, and Fame

Hello Fine Blog Aficionado,

I finished up a few models recently.  First are some old Foundry British Rifles painted to be in the 60th.  I didn't finish their officer in time for the photo shoot.  I believe they're Perry sculpts.

Here are a few repainted clix of the Joker (in a stupid hat) and the Mad Hatter (with a hand swap).  The Penguin and Kingpin were previously posted, but I wanted to see the gang together.  Hopefully I'll find some more minis in suits somewhere in my junk pile to enlarge this well dressed deformed gang.

Here's another British rifleman of unknown manufacturer.  Not a terrific sculpt.
My giant head will help me shoot my really short rifle

And a couple more Wargames Factory zombie Vixens.  I don't think I'll be painting anymore zombies for a while.

Lastly is a 25 year old Citadel Wizard (#26 from the 1988 Blue Catalog) in between some GW plastic LOTR bits.  Either a Perry or Aly Morrison sculpt.

He's got some sort of metal hand and an eye patch.

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier that Wargames Illustrated practically did an article on me, issue 306.  Well actually they probably ran out room and only included the one photo, in which they somehow cut out my beautiful face.

I'm not the bald man in suspenders.

Until next time, when I hope to have some Foundry Dacian Bolt Throwers and a small unit of Citadel Empire Archers done up.

Love Baconfat