Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dragoons, Zombies, WWWI, Musketeers, Robots, Casualty Fail, etc...


First up are some dismounted Perry French Dragoons.  The tops are chopped off mounted models, with dismounted legs.

Here are some old fantasy sci-fi German models.  They were part of the Warzone Target Games lines, which are now owned by Prince August, which I believe used to be Dunken Models.  They are about the cheapest decent sci-fi 28mm models one can buy.  The smaller based models are old RAFM models, but I don't believe they're still available and I don't know the name of their line.

The robot looking dogs are old "clicky" Battletech models called "Fenrir".  I have no idea what a Fenrir is, but I thought my evil space Germans, might want some robot puppies.  Three of them are repainted in original colors, but one was already painted well enough that I only rebased him.

Here are some WFB Empire models I've been working on.  A volley gun called a Hellblaster and a really big mortar.   The following crew, I was planning on using as mercenary Germans for a WAB army, but they are really just WFB fantasy models.  They're fun to paint, and I have about 40 crew I painted 20 years ago (incredibly poorly), that I plan to repaint shortly.
Lastly are a couple failure Warlord Black Powder casualty marker design failures.  The first on left, kept letting the die fall off when the model was moved.  The second, on the right, was a terrible failure as the base was a Herroclix base.  The clicky base was dissasembled and repainted, but was a failure because it was hard to turn, and really looked crappy.

The best Black Powder bases I've seen are from a superior blog:    Poker chip casualties are the best way to go.

I painted an WWI German Anti-tank rifle soldier, from Great War Games.

Here are some pics of Perry Prussian Musketeers still on their sprues, with pics of the box art involved.

The only problem I could find with the models is where the backpack joins the model at the bedroll.  There's a ugly little spot that will need filler.

Here's a Herrorclix model that I partially repainted to be Dr. Who evil robot leader.

Next time, I hope there are some Perry plastic Prussian Jaegers done.  I hope to include some progress of French Napoleonic artillery crew and Perry Prussian Fusiliers.

love, Baconfat

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Drumbeat 2012

Drumbeat 2012 was held in Seattle today.  It was a pretty good show, with over 50 people, 12-15 large multiplayer games, a DBA tournament, and a flea market.  If you didn't go you missed out.

I had my camera set on stupid and almost no photos came out.

Here's a fuzzy recollection of a neat The Sword and the Flame game I saw, one could pretend the haze is do to the burning train.

Here's a picture I snapped as I was falling down in a sand storm.  It was of the aftermath a cool game of Force-on-Force.  I was sad I didn't get a chance to play, but my morning game didn't end in time.

Long morning games pics from a truly terrific Black Powder game put on the the owner of the Panzer Depot (  This pic is of the almost complete initial setup.  Good brave moral kind hearted God-fearing Austrians are on the left, while the dastardly children-eating Bavarian barbarians and cowardly French swine, can be seen if one would wish to see such a thing, on the right.

Here is a picture of my cavalry taunting the Bavarians that were shooting them to pieces.  The cavalry being worn out by delivering such a taunting taunting, spent the rest of the game behind the cover of some Grenzers.  You can see some of my artillery crew lounging by their guns.  They also were not prone to effective violence.

Tons of reserves showed up and almost swung the battle into the favor of the good guys, but the Napoleon's forces of evil won the day.  Here's some well painted Austrians with really neat flags by someone called the "flag guy" or "flag dude".  I think it's a website that makes flags.

The Brigade Officer I was controlling had a staff rating of 7, but sadly my player rating must have been a 3 or 4.  Despite that, I had tons of fun.  I hope to make it to the Panzer Depot for a game someday.

Here's the only comprehensible pic of the second Black Powder game I managed to play.  It was an English Civil War game, using the "Last Arguments of Kings" supplement, put on by the esteemed Drumbeat founder, Dick.

Mistakenly, my fellow team mates allowed me to control the main battle force and army general.  It was an action packed game that ended in disaster.

Let's just say, that if I had been a Parliamentarian General, Charles I would still have his head.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Warlord Landwehr Unit...kind of....


I've been out of town and not posting, but I have managed to finish painting an unit of Prussian Landwehr, for Black Powder.  I thought so, until I noticed I only painted 20, despite the book telling you to use 24 models for a regular size unit.  I will have to paint four more, which really pooped on my sense of accomplishment.

There are only three poses for the plastic Warlord models.  I varied the trouser and hair colors so no two models are the same and it's harder to tell that there are so few poses.

The flag came out awful.  I got lazy and cut the one off the brochure in the box and while I was molding it the ink came off onto my fingers.  I'm not redoing it, as I don't believe the Landwehr were authorized such frivolities and if they don't like it they can make their own.

Here's the troops looking terrible before "dipping" and touch up.

Here's a close up of the racoon eyes I had to fix, when learned that I shouldn't paint eyes while drinking heavily.

Scary Innsmouth Deep Ones wearing Prussian Uniforms.
I've actually been painting tons of other stuff and hope to post a unit of Jaegers soon.

- Baconfat