Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Warlord Landwehr Unit...kind of....


I've been out of town and not posting, but I have managed to finish painting an unit of Prussian Landwehr, for Black Powder.  I thought so, until I noticed I only painted 20, despite the book telling you to use 24 models for a regular size unit.  I will have to paint four more, which really pooped on my sense of accomplishment.

There are only three poses for the plastic Warlord models.  I varied the trouser and hair colors so no two models are the same and it's harder to tell that there are so few poses.

The flag came out awful.  I got lazy and cut the one off the brochure in the box and while I was molding it the ink came off onto my fingers.  I'm not redoing it, as I don't believe the Landwehr were authorized such frivolities and if they don't like it they can make their own.

Here's the troops looking terrible before "dipping" and touch up.

Here's a close up of the racoon eyes I had to fix, when learned that I shouldn't paint eyes while drinking heavily.

Scary Innsmouth Deep Ones wearing Prussian Uniforms.
I've actually been painting tons of other stuff and hope to post a unit of Jaegers soon.

- Baconfat


  1. James:

    They look good! Congrats on painting up another nice Nap. unit. BTW, the numbers for units in BP are only suggestions; I would have no probs with this 20-man unit be considered a Regular for our games. Best, Dean