Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pulp Alley: Phantom Menace meets the Graverobbers in the Forest of Doom and lots of Skulls

Hello Intelligent Viewers,

Today we have another exciting Pulp Alley adventure with Dave Lowe and Sean.  The film stars the Phantom Menace and his valiant team. 

Guest Staring Buckshot Betty.

 No adventure is complete without antagonists; Rick O'Connell and his Imperialist gang.

The Forest of Doom and Lots of Skulls.  The red chips identify the five objectives/plot points the players must gather to win.  The plot point in the stone structure is the major (most important) plot point.  The dark brown patches with lots of skulls are perilous terrain.

Phantom's team rush forward to the two nearest minor plot points.  Dr. Naughty, Slick and Rabbit run to one.

While McDonald and Mr. Hooks run to the one on the left.

For unknown reasons, the Phantom Menace and Buckshot Betty hide behind gruesome columns and fire uselessly at Evil Evie and the Professor.
Bipolar Buckshot Betty by the pole

Gunter runs toward the major objective and Rick actually makes it there.

Slick and Rabbit hurt themselves trying to solve the minor plot point.

McDonald follows suit.

And so does Rick's mercenary Munter.  You can see Evie has not followed suit and uncovered her plot point.  The Professor runs through the perilous skull piles.  One:nothing, bad guys.

Hooks makes up for McDonald's failure and uncovers the plot point.  Score tied, 1:1.

Ronald gets up, and runs to help Dr. Naughty and Harvey Rabbit.  Slick has failed to get up and is out of the game.

Menace and Betty continue to pointlessly shoot their guns.

Crap, Gunter has recovered and uncovered his plot point.  I hate Gunter and we're losing 2:1.

Donald hurts himself with the plot point, falls down and stays down.  Luckily Dr. Naughty and Rabbit defeat the plot point.  Score tied again, 2:2.

O'Connell's accursed gang starts coalescing around the center objective.   Menace and Buckshot continue to hide behind ugly columns.

they're like flies on poop.

Dang it, there's two of them in there.  The devilish, yet amazingly handsome, Rick uncovers it and we are now losing 5:2.

Dr Naughty practically teleports across the table and shoots (misses at Gunter).

Rickhead and Evie run out of the temple and shoot down the good doctor.

Munter joins the cowards.  All three of these villains have objectives. 

Gunter attempts to join them, but falls to Mr. Hook's excellent shooting.

Betty has finally left her column and blasts the professor with her shotgun.  Harvey tries to keep up, but he's not one for running.

The Menace tries to catch the remaining three villains, but....

...he is too late.    "DEFEATED AGAIN!"  I will have my revenge dirty Rick  and I'm going to need a larger gang, if I continue to hide the whole game."

Love and kisses for now.  Till next time, when I hope to have some finished models.  I have a bunch nearing completion, but have been distracted building a 3D spaceship for the game Battlestations.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Prussian Infantry, Grenadier/Nick Lund Dwarves, Project Z Ladies, Fallout 4 Furniture, and I Pitch a Tent

Hello Distinguished Master of the Interwebs,

Today is small post showing some of the crap I've painted for my ongoing Napoleonic Zombie Dwarf Fantasy furniture store campaign I've been working on. 

First up are twelve of the Old Glory Second Edition Prussian Line Infantry.

The guy on left won't stop sashaying!

Here they are walking away.

I said stop it!  There is absolutely no sashaying in the Prussian Army!

Here they are with a Perry plastic Prussian and a Warlord Metal Prussian.  They look like they'd fitter better with Wargames Foundry, but that's for you to decide because I didn't take a picture of that for some reason.

Here's three old Grenadier dwarves I'll likely use for Dragon Rampant and Ral Partha Chaos Wars.

You can still get Grenadier dwarves from Mirlton miniatures.  Mirlton even has the ones riding giant bats.  I very much want to own those.

Here's three more.  The guy on the left is holding a drum or as I prefer to think, a cooler for of ice cold refreshing beers.

All these Grenadier dwarves were sculpted by Nick Lund. 

Here's four random dwarves.  I think the guy on the left is Ral Partha.  I have no clue who the guy wearing the trash can on his head is made by.  I wish I knew and that they made more like him.

The two guys on the right are Heritage models.  I'd bet your money they were sculpted by Nick Lund as well.

Two random Grenadier dwarves and a couple dwarves lugging around a huge cannon ball.

You could pretend the cannonball guys are the fantasy equivalent of a slow moving guided missile.

Here's three lady survivors, now available from Warlord games, as part of the Project Z line.

I'm going to pretend they are sisters, the one in the middle will be their little baby sis.

Here's two more ladies.  The one on the right has a mongloid sword chopped off a crappy Wizkids mini in a feeble attempt to make her look kinda like Walking Dead's Michonne (spelling?).

Here's some random terrain bits.  A out house (of unknown origin), the world's smallest trash dumpster, and a little wall I carved out of Styrofoam for unknown reason.

Here's three bunk beds that I made out of wire, sticks, Styrofoam, unused toilet paper, and love.

and three little single beds...I'm going to use these for my Goldilocks and the Nine Bears battle table.

and three rusty cabinets made completely out of and painted only using Werther's Original Old Lady candies.

and here's four desks made out of Styrofoam, school paper, tooth picks, cardstock, and crickets.  I sort of managed to at least copy the rust patterns from the Fallout 4 video game.

Here's a tent I made out of cardboard, paper towels, toothpicks, and eight pounds of glue.  I completely stole this tent idea from a amazingly clever crafter named "DM Scotty"  Here's a link to his Youtube facebook tweeter page

DM Scotty has made over 500 game crafting videos.  At least 499 of the videos are good.  Only one I know of is terrible; oh God is it bad; it's the worst burning or burned out building ever made; so bad;  I don't know what he was thinking; I hate it!  Hate! Hate! It's like his 4th video I think, so don't watch it, you'll never get those eight minutes back.  Watch the other 499 good, often great, and always clever videos.

I think DM Scotty's tents came out better than my cheap rip off as well.

Till next time my beloveds, when we will either enjoy Dacians, more dwarves, and random crap like giant mushrooms; or I'll post another Pulp Alley report, we won't know till it happens.

love and kisses,

Monday, July 4, 2016

Pulp Alley: Phantom Menace Meets the Nefarious Dr. Fang in the Cave of Doom!!!

Hello Distinguished Viewer of all Things, both fine and fancy,

Today we have another exciting game of Pulp Alley for you.  It was put on by the master of ceremonies Dave (Lord Dain on Pulp Alley).

It's a "Trail of Clues" scenario; only two of the four minor plot points are on the table; the other two and the major don't appear until they begin to be solved.

In this episode:   Starring your favorite anti-heroes (left to right) The Phantom Menace, Mr. Hooks, Roger McDonald, Slick, Harvey Rabbit, and the loveable Dr. Naughty.

And the cast of bad guys (left to right):  The Preacher, "Red", the nefarious Dr. Fang, Herr Gunter, Muffins the dog, Dack Prescott, sidekick Habib, and mean old Granny.

Both sides set up with in 12" of opposite corners.

 Interesting, the clever Phantom Menace has split his gang up.

The field.  Green dots identify your stars, the red dots identify the villains of the adventure.

The Menace's troops charge forward to the two visible objectives.

The Nefarious Dr. Fang's minions ooze forward towards their nefarious goals.

On the right, Gunter shoots Mr. Hooks from afar...coward.

Then suddenly all of Fang's pop out and there's a hell storm of gun fire.

On the left, Dr Naughty sends off a warning shot.

Roger moves forward and tries to solve the plot point, fails miserably and leaves the game.

McDonald eating a hot Unhappy Meal
 A little pointless shooting across the table.

Despite the hail of bullets, Mr. Hooks, Slick and Rabbit move towards their objective, take it, and taste the beginning of victory!

Behold, another point appears close to the Phantom Menace.  Ignore the red dot next Dr. Naughty.

The brilliant minded character that he is, Menace solves the point.  The major plot point appears and the Phantom's team is almost choking because the taste of victory is so strong!!!

Now for the final blow to Fang's evil plans, Dr. Naughty has moved to the objective.  Victory is impatient.

Meanwhile on the right, there is still some shooting going on.  It's almost like an episode of the A-team.

Harvey Rabbit runs forward to give the others time to join the Menace and take the final point.

Alrighty Naughty preps for the challenge.

And is shot down by Dr. Fang.

No one noticed the sneaky Habib has slunk to one of the minor objectives.  Which he solves.

Right:  the Preacher attacks Harvey, more shooting as Hook holds off Fang's horde.

Sadly Dr. Naughty fails his recovery.

And even worse, the Phantom Menace is being swarmed.  His skill is shooting, not fisty-cuffs.

That voluptuous demoness Red has no manners and it looks as if she intends on taking the Phantom Menace's major plot point.

right side:  the team malingers around not helping the Menace.

At least Hooks is able to shoot down mean old Granny who came forward to help Red.

The battle continues.... but wait...what the hell is Habib doing?  He appears to have found another minor plot point.

OOh I hate Habib.

We begin to panic as Red starts solving my major plot point.

Oooh I hate Red.  She steals my victory taste.

On the right, that pesky Preacher won't leave Mr. Hooks alone to kill Red.

We can't seem to escape or repel the villains on the right.

The Menace continues to roll around on the ground with Dr. Fang and Muffins.

In a stroke of hopefully not to late good luck Hooks and Harvey shoot down half of Fang's gang.

Menace continues to wrestle.

Farts!  Red is getting away with my plot point.

Failure!  Fang and Red escape.  Never has the Phantom Menace been so humiliated and spent so much time fighting Muffins.

Till next time when I'll have a some new minis painted up and possibly more exciting Pulp Alley.

Love and Kisses,