Monday, May 25, 2015

French Voltiguers, LotR Minis, a Centaur, and Battle of Bemis Heights Pics

Happy Memorial Day to Fine Viewers,

First are some Perry French French Voltiguers.  I painted ten in this batch, but one was camera shy and wouldn't come out of the box.

 I based some Woodland Scenic Trees.

LotR, the guy on the left is an Elan Merch Dunlending model.  Elan Merch is what Heritage LotR models were called in the States.  The middle guy is some GW Rohan hero whose name has left me.  The lady on the right is a model of unknown origin who looked rather Rohany to me.

A centaur, a long OOP metal GW Imperial Guardsman, and a Tarantula gunner I didn't paint.  His paint job is almost almost as thick as the model, unless of course he's made completely out of paint.  I tried staining and inking him to bring out the details, but it didn't work well.

I used Vallejo's new clear paint on the centaur's left rear leg ankle and you can see right through it.

In no particular order are some super exciting pictures from a game I managed to play in.  Our terrific game leader Dave puts on beautiful AWI 28mm games with his amazing collection of marvelous toys.

 This game ended somewhat close to reality.  Eventually the Americans sacrificed enough bodies and took some redoubt.
 The rules are easy to play Sons of Liberty, written by a NHMGS member.

Till next time, when I'll have more random minis painted and possibly a Pike and Shot and Zombies AAR.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Oldhammer Guardsmen, Ogryn, Survivors, and Charlie Chan

Good Afternoon Delight-some Viewer,

Today I have a few more minis completed.

The first group is nine of the original plastic Imperial Guardsmen.

 Here they are at night running away.

Here are two of the long OOP metal Guardsmen next to one of the newer plastic Cadians.  The model in the middle is dreadfully static.
 Here a blurry picture of their backsides.
 Here are two Ogryn.  I put off painting these for many years because they had no guns, just stupid big hammers.
 Here they are looking away.
 Wandering aimlessly.

The mushroom is an orange stem.
 Here they are with their fellows, painted a few years back.  Their fellows need their bases to be completed.  I wish I had painted all their giant hand grenades ups as big Fosters oil can beers.

Here are a couple ill equipped zombie apocalypse survivors.  I hope they last longer than black guys do on The Walking Dead show.

I tried to give the cricket fan a proper cricket cap.
 Here's a Charlie Chan figure from Reaper; next to him is an abysmal Uruk Hai miniature of unknown origin.  I would guess that he was from Heritage, but he had a round base.  I think the Heritage LotR minis had rectangular bases.
"Excuse, please, to speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming."
 I wish that they'd make a Charlie Chan tv show or movies.  I know many people think the original films were racist, because a white guy always played Charlie.  As a child I very desperately wanted to be Chinese, so I could grow up to be like Charlie Chan.
Till next time, when I should have some French Nappies I haven't quite finished.  Perhaps there'll be some other stuff too, besides old Guardsmen.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rohan, French Grenadiers, Chimera, Oldhammer Imperial Guard, Free Landmines, & Inexpensive Basing

 Hello Dearest Viewer,

I finished up a bunch of minis for your viewing pleasure.

 Here are nine Riders of Rohan.  You may immediately notice they do not have the standard shields.  The originals are long lost, but I found a sprue of unknown plastic shields that fit perfectly.  I will of course, regret that decision when I try to paint the previous shield owners.

I acquired these from a friend who actually had started painting them for me.  The horses were nearly done, only needed to paint the riders and the horses' reins/armor.  I wish all horses came base coated.

Here are some Perry plastic French Grenadiers.  I'm very slowly painting hundreds of these guys.

Here they are marching past a rather dumpy building.
 Here they are marching away.
 In the Perry plastic French infantry set, you get two variants of the marching Grenadier (or Voltiguer) without the greatcoat on. 
I hate painting white pants.
 Here are some of the Perry plastic sci-fi anti-tank mines.  You get about thirty of these per box.   The models are quit plain, but the nicest part of the kit is that if you cut the sprues very carefully you can assemble about 40 Frenchmen from the bits.

I drill little holes in the top and glue in florist wire.  Don't look how much brown paint I slopped on that guy's boots.  He's due a little touch up.

I asked you nicely to not look at the messed up boots.

Here are some ancient Rogue Trader era Tarantula gun controllers.  I've put off painting them because of how plain they are.  There were two variants.  The guy in the brown jacket was the second version; he actually called a Commander in some catalogs.

 Here they are looking away.  I have another set of these lunch box toters still to paint.

 Here are some old Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons.  The four on the left are Conversion Beam Projectors (or conversion beamers).  The other two are multi-meltas.  Beamers were an odd Rogue Trader weapon; they had to be fired stationary and the harder and farther away the target, the more damage they did.  They might be nice to take out the super heavy/large models 40K players use these days.
I didn't paint the far left guy's gun, it was a lucky pre-painted bits box find.
  The Imperial Guard used to be either quite strong or the tape measure looking things on there hips somehow defied gravity.

Here are much more lively looking guard model.  The big shoulder pads are great for painting unit markings.  Next to him is a Chimera personnel carrier.

You may notice the turret is completely wrong and from another model, but I like it much better. The autocannon barrel is a last minute addition as the cat who lives in my house, Cthulhu, knocked the apc off the painting table and absconded with the original barrel.
 I tried to add lots of paint damage to hide the paint slop job of the previous owner.

 Lastly I experimented with basing models on U.S. nickels.  Fender washers cost anywhere from $.28 a piece at Ace Hardware and $.08 at Lowes in bulk.  Nickels might not stick to magnets, but they only cost $.05.

 You can see a nickel isn't really that small; it fits snugly inside a GW base.

  You can see the nickel is almost the same diameter as a GW plastic base top.

Well that's it, till later when I'll probably have more Oldhammer IG, alternative LotR models, and master detective Charlie Chan.

Hugs and Kisses,