Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lovecraft Monsters and More

Hello Most Dear Viewer,

I have a pack of mean and nasty monsters and "evil" space demons for you.

Here's a group shot.

Here's a rear shot of the group.

Here's a "Hound of Tindalos" from FFG's Mansions of Madness board game.  He's human size.  Invented by Frank Belknap Long, hounds are immortal creatures that live in the angles of time.  They may materialize into our world through sharp angles to drain the fluids out of humans.  I keep mine in a round cage, because I like my fluid on my insides. 

Here's a "Mi-go" Here's a  from FFG's Mansions of Madness board game.   It's somewhat larger than a human model.  Invented by Mr. Lovecraft, Mi-go are some sort of bat winged fungoid crustecean that are a war with the Elder gods.  For some reason the fly from Pluto and steal our brains.  They don't eat them, but instead keep them in containers, like portable hard drives.

These are not really Lovecraft minis.  The eleven spider looking things are actually monsters from FFG's Doom game, but I'm pretending they are servitors of the spider god, Atlach-Nacha, the Spinner of Darkness.  I think the fish guy is a Mage Knight Sahugin, who I think make a fairly decent Deep One.

This is a Shoggoth from FFG's Mansions.    Another invention of Mr. Lovecraft, Shoggoth are semi-conscious amorphous shape changing blobs, covered in eyes.  No longer slaves to their creators, the Elder Things, they like to squish albino penguins.

Lastly, is a Cthonian from Mansions.  Cthonian's are underground worm creatures invented by Brian Lumley.  Cthonians much like witches, are killed by water.  I used varnish to make his tentacles look slimy.

Till next time when I'll have some centaurs done and hopefully some Prussian cavalry ready.

Love and kisses,

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A few Prussian Landwehr


I only managed to finish a seven Prussian Landwehr troops.

Whoops, didn't capture the whole unit.

The tall guys are Warlord plastic Prussian Landwehr.  I had a few left over from when I originally painted the box up.

I have no idea who produced the little guy, but he looks a bit like a Prussian.  My Prussian recruiting office allowed him to join up.

Here they are marching off to the right.

Till next time, when I hope to bring you some Cthulhu goodness.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Perry Plastic Frenchmen and a Glowing One


I finished a total of 21 minis.  The first nineteen are Perry Plastic French Infantry.  I think the purple pom poms on the right might be too dark.

Here they are looking at the woods.

One guy is missing a backpack.
Speaking of backpacks, I wish there were a few less backpacks with spare shoes tied on the back.  When the French retreat, my ill-shod Prussian Landwehr run off the table after them. Unless you're playing Regiment of Foote, having your troops run off the table is usually a bad thing.

Because I have hundreds of these French to paint, I am doing them in batches of three or less poses.

Here's a side shot, with the painful eyesore missing backpack.  I have no backpacks to spare; one poor soldier will forever be woefully unprepared to make camp.

To end on a dull note, the last two minis aren't that exciting.  The first is an Old Glory British Rocket crewman.  Years ago, an Old Glory British Rocket pack order came with an extra mini and he was never painted.

The abysmal looking green thing is a mini from the old Doom boardgame.  I wanted him to look like he was one of those radioactive ghouls, called glowing ones, from the Fallout video games.

If you squint or the photo is blurry, he sort of looks glowy.

Till next time, when I hope to have a few Prussians done.  

Love and Kisses,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Javelinmen, Staff Slingers, Dwarf Puppeteer, Chaplains, and a Maniac


I've managed to finish a small unit of javelinmen for a Byzantine or El Cid army.  The models were sold by Battle Honors as Spanish javelinmen, but they'll do fine as Byzantine skirmishers.

The spears are floral wire dipped in paint.

Not a very good paint job, I wish Battle Honors ancients were still available so I could try again.

Here's three Old Glory staff slingers.  There's a dwarf who appears to be doing a puppet show, but I think he's an old Ral Partha dwarf or gnome illusionist.  The guy on the right is an old Grenadier Fantasy Wars town guard model.

There's only two pictures, because the rest were very blurry.

Here's two atrociously painted Rogue Trader era space marine Chaplains and a model from Fantasy Flight's Mansions of Madness.

I used Wargames Factory bits for his victims.

Whatever it is space marines wear on their back/back pack, one is missing.

Next week I hope to have a pack of Napoleonic French infantry.  Here I am hard at work prepping models.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rohan Royal Guards, Bohemian Archers, Prussian Landwehr, and Horse Biscuits


These are some Rohan Royal Guard models, which I honestly don't remember from the movies.

I tried to keep them fairly drab and miserable looking.

I have a solution for when your wife "organizes" your hobby supplies and your flock is not in the pile of junk you thought it was.  Wait till she falls asleep and put some quiet scissors to work.

Yes, that is her hair on their bases.  I figure hair grows 1/2 inch a month; I'll have an unlimited flock supply until she ages and all my grass turns blue.

These are some  Old Glory Bohemian Archers (DIF-25) from one of their better ranges, "Vlad "The Impaler" & Turkish Frontier range.  I believe you get at least five or six poses in the 30 man bag.  There is something funny with one of the poses as you'll see below.

 Here they are turning their backs on you.

Here they are on a castle wall.

This particular model has an odd condition.

Elephantiasis or severe gout, look how big his left leg looks from the side.

Here's three Prussian Landwehr cavalry, made by Old Glory.   I would have more, but ran out of Vallejo Prussian Blue paint.  There will be seven more in the future.  

They are from the 4th Regiment of the 4th Silesian Landweher Cavalry.  They are wearing frumpy schirmutz caps instead of proper shakos.

Their color scheme is the result of extensive research. I spent at least four minutes stealing the colors from the terrific "Blunders on the Danube" blog.   Peter's blog is a great source of miniature goodness.

You can see in the close-up, I have my first attempt at adding horse biscuits to the bases.  The first experimental dung is a 50/50% mixture of Milliput and Woodland Scenics static grass.  I think I will have to adjust the recipe and make future poops at a smaller scale.  40mm heroic scale doo doos might really hurt coming out of a 25mm Old Glory horsey.

I've included a picture comparing them to other Prussian cavalry, left to right: Perry, Wargames Foundry, Old Glory...

And lastly a repaint of an old second French drummer.

till next time, when I should have Byzantine skirmishers, space marines, and more.  There might even be some French nappies and Cthulhu goodness.