Thursday, December 30, 2010

COBRA Ends the Year

Hi All,

This is the last post for the year and until August 2011.  I tried to get up to 365 models for the year, but quality was slipping and I was really running out of time.  340 isn't bad.  You're in for a meager post of barely finished or unfinished stuff from the painting table before I put it in the cryogenic chamber.

First is Destro and two COBRA troopers.  I actually painted the Baroness, but forgot to take her picture. The models are old "Warzone" models from Target Games.

Here's picture of a zombie apocalypse survivor, with her back turned to show you she's carrying a "Left for Dead" first aid kit; a failure of an attempt to make concertina wire; and a COBRA foe, Snake Eyes.

Lastly, are the unfinished troops I simply couldn't knock out by the New Year.  A British WWI mortar crew, 2 officers, a previously unidentified French Carabiner (Hinchcliffe Models), and some COBRA ninjas.  The wrapping things the ninjas are wearing on their forearms and lower legs were giving me Hell.

Well that's it.  Have a Happy New Year.

Love, Baconfat

Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Season's Plagiaristic Greetings"

As my oldest (lazy) boy slept in and did not take out the garbage this morning.  A long time ago I bought a a replica Helmet.  It was listed for about $50 and, but it had a fracture and I bought for less than half. . Anyway, I had to try it on.

An imperfect fit! Okay, this is a posed shot; but the Old Glory figure has a similar helmet on too!

Actually this is not a real post, but a tribute to a funny post off my favorite blog,

Again, Happy Holidays and hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Remotec Lego Robot

Hi Viewer,

A little off the normal topic.  During the Seahawks game, I made a little EOD robot out of a Lego Advent Calendar tractor, a blank CD-R, and other assorted junk/model bits.  We don't really use the big heavy metal robots anymore.  The small plastic ones are lighter and quicker which makes them preferable despite the reduced capabilities.

Sprayed black, highlighted Vallejo gun metal, with a super quick GW Silver highlight job.

The road is a pressed sand and glue mix with loads of black paint (to give it an asphalt look), a black gray highlight, and a black stain.  It's not that shiny in real life.

A lot of terrorists use red det cord.  The copper wire would be the enamel coated copper wire used by the bad guys in many command wire IEDs.  I only used one strand because the wire I found was rather thick.  The electric tape was just a tiny strip of paper painted black.

I gave it away as a present, but someone was nice enough to take a picture for me.  (Dean, that's why this one isn't yellow).

I also made a terrorist with a nice little suicide vest, but it disappear off the desk the day after I brought it in.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Perry British Line, Awful Zombies, a French Carabiner, UNIT Soldiers, and a Sprinkling of 40K

Hello Fellow Internet Traveler,

My lovely wife misplaced and recently found the camera, so I decided it was a good time to post more useless information in my attempt to use up the internet and waste the time of my SIX (!!!!!) followers.  Yes six, that's right and I've been to five of their blogs and they all have great blogs.  One doesn't have a blog, but I'm sure it would be interesting if he did have a blog.  I know he has good taste or accidently hit follow.

Well I had seven followers, but one was actually a pornographer promoting websites.  In the name of friendly bloginess, I visited his some of blogs.  The material was very amatuer, had unattractive "performers", and the text wasn't in my English.  I sadly let my 7th follower go.

On another note I've been really trying to paint as many models as days of the year.  If you look to your right on my painting log, you can see I'm going to miss the target.  If I wasn't leaving the country (very soon) for seven months, I might be able to pull it off.  More importantly I need to pay attention to the family, finish up projects at work, and pack.  I doubt I'll do any painting while gone as the living arrangements don't allow for such frivolities.   I may post one or two times more this year, but after that I must bid anyone reading this a fond adieu.

Enough whining, here are 2 UNIT soldiers and their dashing officer and their abnormally large yet somewhat expressive melon head.  For those who are not fans of Dr Who, UNIT stands for United Nations Intelligence Task Force.  It should therefore be UNITF, or scrambled around UNFIT.  I would have called them the Fast Action Response Team (FART), but North Korea and Lithuania voted me down when I brought the matter to a vote.  Kim Jong Ill and Dalia Grybauskaite, YOU SHALL RUE THAT DAY!  The UNIT is some sort of UN military team only filled with British people who defend us humans from the paranormal or extraterrestrial.  Due to their extremely large heads and therefore thick skull, they do not wear helmets.

Here's six more Perry plastic British Line troops.  There were seven but one of the cats absconded with one.  He's lost so there's only six.  I lose more troops to family pets than I care to think about.  The ferrets wreak havoc on lower shelves when they break in; they can't resist knocking everyone over or occasionally stealing little men.  We used to have a St. Bernard that would wag her big fluffy tail and fling troops across the room to often be later stepped on.  We once had a cat who enjoyed chewing on pikes and spears.

Next up an unfinished French Carabiner from a manufacturer whose name is lost to my memory.  If you know please do leave a comment.  The colors of the reins and straps are not decided, because I don't know the most correct colors.  And apparently the horse color is wrong, he should be black according to what I've read.  They quit wearing white or something about the time they lost all their black horses in Russia.  I have a small unit of these who are in terrible condition and painted really really badly.  I have sworn to fix and repaint them all before I buy the Perry ones and place these back in box to be badly damaged again.

Here's a Blue Moon zombie standing next to giant Reaper zombie lady whose breasts are exposed.  She is about as attractive as the ladies on my former porn follower's blog.

Now here are seven truly atrociously painted mediocrely sculpted zombies from Wargames Factory.  Ok, the sculpts aren't that bad, except for the flash and lack of detail.  I just hate assembling them.  On second thought they really aren't that well sculpted, and I don't have to be a talented sculptor to notice bad sculpting.  Also, there's something about the plastic that causes my always reliable Superglue to not work that well.  Oh, and the necks are huge.  I didn't assemble these, my favorite son did, in my plans to create zombie horde diversity.  Strength through diversity!  I did chop a few up to make creepy crawling zombies.  I really do like Wargames Factory and their products and from what I've heard their great customer support, but I hate their zombies.

Here's a Mega Miniature Crossbowmen of unknown citizenship.  He and about eight identical clones came in a pack of manlets I bought.  I tried to give all his fellow crossbowmen away, but no one will take them.  Comment if you'd like them, give me your email, and I'll mail them to you.  I don't like duplicates.

Here is a 40K ork (orc with a k is how you write orc in the future) that I'm painting for my boy in return for going through the pain of assembling the nasty little zombies.  He's almost done, but I figured I better take a picture now before the beautiful wife loses the camera again.

To finish on a boring note, I've been flocking parts of a trench table I've been working on and may never finish.  I decided to put liquid in the craters and failed miserably.  I put in a blackish ink mix and it looks terrible.  I'll fix it and try a lighter colored fluid.

Next time I post I hope to show you some minor Global War on Terror Lego work I've been doing, as well as a  zombie apocalypse survivor, and some Cobra troopers.   I am easily distracted and promise nothing.

Merry Christmas if you like Christmas.  I hope the wife gets me some toy army men and I hope yours gets you some too.

Love, Hugs, and Kisses,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Perry Plastics, Siege Junk, a Couple Zombies, and More!


I have a few pictures for you today.  I should have more soon as I'm only showing you what I finished.  There's quite a few more almost done.

First are 4 more Peninsular British Line.  I painted them as the 6oth because they had both red coats and rifles in green.  To my dismay I recently read that the all rifle units were in the peninsular.  The only blue cuff units I could dig up I think are maybe the King's German Legion, the Swiss Roll-Dollins, and the French traitor unit (can't remember their name right now).  Some of those had light blue and not my darker blue.  I've painted the around 40 of them now and glued Peninsular heads on them, so they're going to the peninsula regardless.

Secondly are four more 60th Rifles.  I painted them using the dip method except for the skin which I tried the Dalimore method.  Four shades of untalently laid flesh looks worse than my dipped or washed skinned faces I normally pump out.

Here's a willy nilly pic I took to show anyone remotely concerned if they could mix Old Glory Nappies with Perrys.  No, you can't, at least not in the same unit, unless the British models are taller than the Prussians.

Here are three more zombies.  Next post should include alot more zombies.  Well the first one is a Reaper model and the other two are Blue Moon, which I buy from Old Glory 25's.  You may notice all my zombies have crap bases painted a boring gray.  Well either I haven't come up with a good base scheme for my zombie horde or the walking dead simply don't deserve good basing.

Before you mentally criticize the next model, realize it was one of the first models I painted around 25-30 years ago, as a kid.  I haven't got much better, so feel free to criticize all the other shoddy work.  The Nick Lund sculpted (I think) Grenadier brand dwarf is one of the gunners for a giagantic bombard made out of enough lead to make sixty dwarves.  Well, he's here because he was terribly chipped and needed rebasing.  He might look worse now.

Now that I am rambling about fantasy models, here are two more GW Empire artillery pieces I've finished.  They're metal and oldish, I don't know what else to say.

Here's a manlet I painted, I've now got about 20 of them painted now, for a giant siege battle I'm never going to run.  The model is from Megaminiatures and the Perry model is there for scale.

I said I was only showing you finished models but I wanted to show you a silly sneak peak of another UNFINISHED random project I'm working on.   When I was young and played with 75-100mm plastic army men with kung fu grips, my favorite were the valiant forces of Cobra.  I did some scraping of a Target Games (out of business) model and started painting him like Destro.  Destro, who for some reason has a metal mask that moves with his facial expressions.  I imagine it's mercury based; I've always thought heavy metal poisoning was why the brave Cobra warriors never killed a single JOE.

I'm also painting up some Cobra troopers which would be farther along but the primer I used doesn't hold paint that well and Target models aren't that fun to paint for me.


Thanks for visiting.

love and kisses,


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Dozen Zombies and More!


I've added a number of zombies to the horde.

First this group of evil zombies are four Wall Street business men responsible for the world's financial crisis. The models are from Blue Moon's "Things that go Bump in the Night" line. Blue Moon make decent models but all the men in box 8 "I Can't Seem to Get a Good Night Sleep" set #2 all seem to have 1970's style haircuts.
Here is a Reaper Zombie model that I really thought was terrible. That was until I painted it. The sculptor outwitted my terrible painting with a good sculpt. Reaper zombies are quite large, maybe 32mm scale.
Here's two Mantic Games ghouls with zombie paint jobs, next to a dull witted Wargames Factory Zombie, sans arm. I didn't know where his arm was when he bumped into the painting cue, so I painted his dead a** anyway.
Here are some sliced up Heroclix models with additional paint for zombification. I know they're super hero ladies, but can't remember any of there names.
I've been expiramenting with chain link fence creation and here's what I've made so far. They are out dated metal cast (for broken bones) frames glued into cardboard. One is "dirt" and the other is on black cardboard, until I can figure out how to simulate asphalt.
I have a bunch of painted "Empire" GW models including artillery crews without artillery pieces. I painted a few up, here are two of four that are done. I simply painted the base colors, painted on "dip" and then flocked them. I'll have more done real soon.
This is a Ral Partha organ gun that I started ages ago and recently decided to get off the painting table. It's a silly gun that looks extremely heavy with no way to move it. An enemy could simply choose to avoid it.
During a zombie model search I found this prepainted ghost. I really appreciated how much better the minimum wage third-world country painter could paint than me. So I bought it and upgraded the base.
Lastly are four RAFM eastern Roman archers, that I painted 20 years ago (quite terribly) that I've touched up. Two of them appear to be missing heads or bows, but are really using the WAB 2.0 rule for Eastern Roman invisible bows and ghost heads. It's an obscure rule hidden in a French Canadian rules Faq that must be ordered via snail mail directly from Forgeworld, but somewhat useful versus NKE armies.