Monday, October 8, 2018

Ramshackle Dwarf Bikes, Jet Bikes, Dwarves, and "Jersey" Barriers

Hello Distinguished Viewer,

Here are eleven Ramshackle 28mm dwarf bikers.

They are sculpted by Curtis Fell.  Mr. Fell is the very best at painting things rusty in all of the wargaming world. 

 Ramshackle sends lots of optional bits, heads and weapon options.  You can make you bikers look very different than mine.  I was too conservative with my paint schemes, and will be buying more bikers.

 Here is a size comparison with an old GW Squat bike.

Here are three Ramshackle jet bikes.  I bought the ten pack and it's so modular you are blessed with ability to make untold variants.

There are so many extra and optional bits, there will be little bits of Curtis Fell on years of future models and terrain pieces.

Here are four Ramshackle dwarves.

How do they match up with old GW Squats?

Here they standing next to three GW Squats I recently painted.

They are admiring the Styrofoam barriers I made yesterday.

I hope the barriers don't look too dark, I wanted them to look old.  They are just two foam pieces hot glued together and quickly sponge painted black gray, zinc, dark gray, tan, and light gray. 
They have the sling mounts up top, but I was too lazy to put in forklift holes.

And lastly to prove to you, that my post-apocalyptic future is darker than yours, in my nuclear wasteland you have to pay to poop outside!

Till next time, when I'll have some terrain bits, some medieval, and I don't know, maybe aliens.

Love and Kisses,