Saturday, September 28, 2013

WWI German Support Weapons

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Last of my German WWI models in the paint queue.  Left to right: first a Granatwerfer or grenade launcher, MG08 machine gun, 76mm light mortar, and another MG08 machine gun
Ve must defend zee UberKnomeFurher!

Next are three more riflemen, an old Ral Partha Ravenloft revolting townfolk, an unbased dog (base said TSR blink dog), and three covered pallets of unknown manufacturer.

Until next time, when I might have some 40K stuff and random minis.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Comic Book Disaster, 2cd to Last German Post, Stupid Building, and a Couple Bits

Greetings Distinguished Observers,

Here's what happens when your water heater explodes and sprays water all over 5,000 comic books.  Sadly they were all in plastic bags and not a single one was ruined.  I'd rather have insurance money than old comics.  I'm so sick of lugging the stupid boxes around, but I'm too miserly to give them away.

Here's 23 WW1 German riflemen running around on a pile of rubble.
there is a lot of poor muzzle control 

Here's three Germans armed with Bergmanns.  I only have 8 more Germans to paint, then the force is complete.  I hope they lose their first battle; I dream about painting gray men.

Here's a couple random bits, a cute little piece a LOTR rubble and an exciting manlet.  Manlets paint up alot quicker than people.

Everyone posed for the photo shoot on the piece of terrain I'm calling finished.  This particular building was not well designed by my stupid brain.  There is no way for little men to climb up to the upper levels.

Now, sadly, I must leave you.  I promise more Germans and manlets in the near future.