Sunday, April 28, 2019

Gas Lands Post Apocalyptic Race Track and a Big Rig


Here's a race track I made for a Gas Lands game.  It's a little shoddy, but I wasn't going to spend days making terrain, for a two hour game.  It's 5' x 3'.

It's made out of $.80 vinyl tiles and foam core.   It's sitting a little cock-eyed in pictures, because it warped in it's storage box.  After the photo shoot, the mighty sun warmed the  tiles and it sat nice and flat.   I didn't take time for more photos as the raised ends are only held together with hot glue.  If it would get too warm they would come apart.

Gas Lands is mostly played with Matchbox scale cars, of which I only own one.  It's a pre-painted Walking Dead tv show car.

Some 28mm scale Ramshackle bikes rounding a corner.  I didn't know you needed three gates for the Gas Lands racetrack scenario, so I only made one.  It's made out of writing pens, bottle caps, and assorted junk from recycle bin.

Here's some 28mm scale Ramshackle jet bikes rounding a corner about to be attacked by some Uncle Vinnie brand robots.   The texture is sand and flock, glued to the primed vinyl tile.   The road portions are cut vinyl tile, spray painted black and dry brushed with dark grays.  
that one tile didn't receive the same color dry brushing.

The corners are lined with spike strips to keep drivers from hugging the turns too closely.

There are removeable fences designed to give spectators a false sense of security.

Here's a big rig I painted.  Who doesn't remember that old brand Fartland Milk?  "Smells as good as it tastes!"  By infusing the milk with high levels of methane, Fartland milk didn't need to be refrigerated until after you broke the seal.

It's a repainted $10 Walmart truck I bought at Walmart.  My cat Cthulhu absconded with the headlights at some point during the painting process.

 Till next time my beloved, when I'll have aliens, Saxons, and some random sci-fi minis.


Saturday, April 20, 2019

Good Saturday,

Here is Weather Top terrain piece I made for a friend.

 It started as blue insulation foam.   There's wrapping trail leading up.

The only access to the very top being stairs.  It should be easy to defend.  Plaster up top to make it look more natural, yet still be able to hold other terrain pieces.

I couldn't make the shapes very realistic as the tiny soldiers would all tip over.

Lots of black house paint, followed by black spray paint.
 Various gray and brown base coats.  Drybrushing brings up earth texture.

The rocky steeper edges are tree bark.

Foliage added to hide gaps in bark.   Very watered down yellows, browns and greens wet brushed to give rocks natural color variant.

Construction sand of various sizes was glued everywhere.

Simple detail (impossible to see in any of these photos) was added to columns with white glue and printer paper.

The little brick top of the stairs looks stupid and foliage will be added to blend it to top better.

Green flock was sprinkled on white glue.

Several sprays of watered down white glue were applied to reallt lock grass flock down.

Till next time, my beloved, when I'll show you a Gaslands race track.


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Goblin Riders, Romans, Troll, Atalan Jackal, Aneocitis Workshop Car, Newspaper Dispensers, Junk, and Alternative Battlestations Crew

Hello Distinguished Viewer,

Today I have a random mix of 26 little things to show you.   First are some Games Workshop LoTR wargs and riders.

They are a mix of the metals and plastics.

Here are four Warlord Romans.

Their shields aren't really done.  I can't decide on whether to paint designs or use water slide decals.

Here is a Wizkids troll.   I refuse to paint trolls green.

I tried to make the large pustules look like eyeballs.  They look moist in person.

Here's a Games Workshop Atalan Jackal.   I replaced the head with a Ramshackle head, as I hate genestealer cult and wanted motorcycles in my huge Imperial Guard army.

The banner is plastic broom bristle and paper napkin.  The dust cloud is dry brushed teddy bear stuffing from a teddy bear I murdered.

Here he is chasing a car, that he wants to hit with his really big axe.

The car is an Aneocitis Workshop model.  I should have painted more detail, but I can only spend so much time on a model before becoming bored.   Aneociti makes some amazing vehicle and terrain stuff.

Speaking of, here's six Aneocitis Workshop newspaper bins about to be slain by a Roman.

Here's two Wiz Kids terrain things and two random things I made.

Here's two repainted Heroclix models.   I was trying to make alternative humans for Battlestations.

Their bases should fit the Battlestation base holders.

Till next time my beloved.   I have Saxons, a Gaslands race track, and LoTR Weather Top hill I made that I need to show you.