Sunday, December 9, 2018

28mm Gaslands, Rogue Trader Pirates, Post Apocalyptic Vehicles, HYW Cavalry, Table Clutter, Imperial Guardsmen, Tank Traps, Shelves, and More

Greetings Distinguished Viewer of Things Miniscule,

I have an assortment of junk to show you today.  First up are two cars for 28mm Gaslands gangs.  They're metal toys found at a yard sale.

I don't know their "scale", but they fit well with 28mm minis.

The arrow is pointing to a secret noise button.  I stole engine revving, flashing light, horn honking car noises from dollar store toys.

Here are some Citadel Rogue Trader era pirates and mercenaries.  Some had great names like Breakout Con and Hacker Harris.

Here's a much newer GW robot.  I like a lot of the newer Adeptus Mechanicus models.

I think it's called a Kastellan.

Here's a camper I found at a drug store and modified for the apocalypse.  The couches were ripped out of interior prior to painting it.

 I should have used manufactured barbed wire, instead of making my own.

I painted a couple old Imperial Guardsmen in Star Wars Naval Trooper colors.

A dollar store toy repainted.

A couple more dollar store finds.

A Copplestone survivor and a Rogue Trader model called "Punk".

Here are some store shelves from Old Glory.

Here are some cabinets, also Old Glory.

Here are some battlefield scatter and a car fro The Walking Dead miniature game.

I tried to paint a girly mag on one of the loot pieces.

Here are some tank traps made out of florist foam.

Here are some dollar store toys smashed to look like old husks.

Some grass patches, they stick well to felt mats, not my rubber mats.

Here are "I don't know whats", they're super glue lids.

I often make building interiors for a game I'll never play.
 another one.

a real grungy one, bad things have happened here.

Here are nine HYW cavalry from Essex, that I painted for a great friend.

Lastly I tried to make my own Star Wars miniatures game.  Mine attempt is of course the clumsy looking one on the left.

In the back ground are previews of future posts.

Till next time, love and kisses,

Monday, October 8, 2018

Ramshackle Dwarf Bikes, Jet Bikes, Dwarves, and "Jersey" Barriers

Hello Distinguished Viewer,

Here are eleven Ramshackle 28mm dwarf bikers.

They are sculpted by Curtis Fell.  Mr. Fell is the very best at painting things rusty in all of the wargaming world. 

 Ramshackle sends lots of optional bits, heads and weapon options.  You can make you bikers look very different than mine.  I was too conservative with my paint schemes, and will be buying more bikers.

 Here is a size comparison with an old GW Squat bike.

Here are three Ramshackle jet bikes.  I bought the ten pack and it's so modular you are blessed with ability to make untold variants.

There are so many extra and optional bits, there will be little bits of Curtis Fell on years of future models and terrain pieces.

Here are four Ramshackle dwarves.

How do they match up with old GW Squats?

Here they standing next to three GW Squats I recently painted.

They are admiring the Styrofoam barriers I made yesterday.

I hope the barriers don't look too dark, I wanted them to look old.  They are just two foam pieces hot glued together and quickly sponge painted black gray, zinc, dark gray, tan, and light gray. 
They have the sling mounts up top, but I was too lazy to put in forklift holes.

And lastly to prove to you, that my post-apocalyptic future is darker than yours, in my nuclear wasteland you have to pay to poop outside!

Till next time, when I'll have some terrain bits, some medieval, and I don't know, maybe aliens.

Love and Kisses,

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Kettle Helms, Stormtroopers, Squatkopta, Prussians, MFP and More!


It's nice of you to visit.   I have a number of completed minis, to show you.  First up are six Essex Knights in kettle helmets, that I painted for a friend.

Here they are running away.  Painting spiral lance patterns isn't easy.

Fantasy Flight Stormtroopers.

I don't know where I got the head for the helmetless guy's head.

Here are three Warlord brand Prussian Landwehr with pikes.

I like the metal Warlord model backpacks more than the plastic models.

Here is a GW Tau drone, a Squatkopta, and a Brother Vinni robot.  Removing the ork and spikey bits from the kopta thing was an awful task.  I may not make three of these.

It's hard to see, but the squat has a "Gargoyle Gang" emblem on his vest.  Gargoyle gang are the good guys on the classic Johnny Sokko Giant Robot show.

Two Old Glory biker cops, without motorcycles.

Here are two Old Glory motorcycle cops and an Antenocitis Workshop police car.

If you haven't noticed they're painted to look like the "Main Force Patrol" from the Road Warrior film.

Here's a classic Ral Partha Orc and a random post apocalyptic survivor from EM-4.

I think you can get the post apocalyptic Copplestone sculpts for Mirlton too.

Here are two ancient GW dwarf (pre-slotta) models.

The guy on the right is the original "White Dwarf" (FS17, 1980).

Here are three Phalon clone models from the old Spacelords game range.  I think I stole their color scheme from Ironman comics.

You can get the Spacelord models from Moonraker Miniatures.

Here are two Deep Ones.  They are from Black Cat Bases.

I enlarged the wooden floor base with green stuff.

Today everyone posed on another rtv/paint/sand smeared on cloth 4' x 4' mat I made.

Till next time beloved viewers, when I'll have a gang of Ramshackle Squat bikers and jet-bikes.