Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rifles, Terrain Bits, a Couple Zombies, and Fame

Hello Fine Blog Aficionado,

I finished up a few models recently.  First are some old Foundry British Rifles painted to be in the 60th.  I didn't finish their officer in time for the photo shoot.  I believe they're Perry sculpts.

Here are a few repainted clix of the Joker (in a stupid hat) and the Mad Hatter (with a hand swap).  The Penguin and Kingpin were previously posted, but I wanted to see the gang together.  Hopefully I'll find some more minis in suits somewhere in my junk pile to enlarge this well dressed deformed gang.

Here's another British rifleman of unknown manufacturer.  Not a terrific sculpt.
My giant head will help me shoot my really short rifle

And a couple more Wargames Factory zombie Vixens.  I don't think I'll be painting anymore zombies for a while.

Lastly is a 25 year old Citadel Wizard (#26 from the 1988 Blue Catalog) in between some GW plastic LOTR bits.  Either a Perry or Aly Morrison sculpt.

He's got some sort of metal hand and an eye patch.

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier that Wargames Illustrated practically did an article on me, issue 306.  Well actually they probably ran out room and only included the one photo, in which they somehow cut out my beautiful face.

I'm not the bald man in suspenders.

Until next time, when I hope to have some Foundry Dacian Bolt Throwers and a small unit of Citadel Empire Archers done up.

Love Baconfat


  1. Another wonderfully eclectic mix! I particularly like the rifles, but I was also curious to see how the Vixens turned out as I've got some to do this summer.

  2. The Rifles look really good!

  3. Excellent work on such a wide-variety of genres - as always. I think the Rifles may be Front Rank. Best, Dean

  4. Your unknown manufacturer of the rifleman is Redoubt. Their Nappies and AWI figs are all by the same sculptor, who has a very clunky style. I've painted a bunch of his sculpts over the years and they look horrible before painting, but look nice afterwards...
    Scott A.