Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Enfilade 2012 WAB Tournament Pictures

 The Enfilade 2012 Convention held in Olympia, WA, was terrific.  There were hundreds of great miniatures games played.  If you had an opportunity to attend and did not go, you made a terrible mistake.

One of my personal favorite events was the big Warhammer Ancient Battles Tournament managed by Pat Lowinger from the great podcast "The Historical Wargames Podcast"  ( and sponsored by Brookhurst Hobbies (  Here are a few pics I took during games.

I did manage to take pictures of four of the non-WAB games.  A much better photographer put a couple hundred photos up on the NHMGS yahoo group page.

A cool looking game with some neat terrain, Blackpowder maybe?, can't make out the roster on the table.

A "The Great War" game I ran, with the help of Mark Worthington and his best painted Turks I've ever seen.  

Here's a game I didn't have a chance to sign up for.  I wish I had, the description was:  
Rescue in the Khyber Pass, 1891 by Jeffrey Wilbanks using "The Sword and the Flame" rules.  Pathan tribesmen are holding an Indian princess hostage in Abdul Khan's mountain fortress.  A British NWF field force has been dispatched to punish the Khan and safely retrieve the princess.

Here's a Regimental Fire and Fury game.  I don't know who ran it because I couldn't find it in the events listing.  The minis were very well done.

The artist sculpted overcoats onto his British models.  Those are Victrix British plastic artillery crew with green stuff coats.

I can only imagine how long it took to prepare and paint these minis.



  1. WAB is not dead; he doth sleep!

  2. Oh, that RF&F game on Sunday was a playtest by Kevin & Mark - check out Kevin's blog for more info. I didn't realize the Brits' coats were hand-crafted on - crazy! Dean