Monday, October 9, 2017

Saxons, Dwarves, and a Bunch of Terrain Stuff

Hello Tasteful Viewer,

It's been awhile since I've posted, so I have a lot of stuff to post.

First up are ten Renegade Saxons.

Twelve Renegade Saxon archers.

Five more Renegade Saxons.  The dragon standards are white for now, because I don't know which Saxon leader they will follow.

Here are two Black Cat Bases evil cultists.

Two plastic Warlord Prussian Landwehr.

Two old Grenadier dwarves, a mysterious Ral Partha model, and a pre-slotta Citadel female dwarf.

Here are three buildings I quickly slapped together for colonial or fantasy games.

They are just plaster and Styrofoam.  The doors are carved craft book foam.

I made some little garden plots.

And some modular wall sections.

Two Black Cat Bases toilets; it's more than obviously I didn't scrape the flash off one.

This is supposed to be a Fallout 4 defensive position.

It should be recognizable if you've played the game.

Mine hold two models.

Here's a tone of wire fencing.

And some corrugated metal fencing.

A couple movement trays, the one in back is plaster based on cardstock, the front one is cardstock and craft foam.

I based a bunch of trees.

Lastly here is a Tudor style house made out of cardstock, plastic and little wood sticks.  I'll jetty out upper floors, when I make more.  I kept the first one simple.

Till next time, when I should more Saxons and more stuff I shouldn't be doing till the Saxons are done.  I ordered a bunch of bikes and jet bikes from Ramshackle, so if they show up soon I'll probably get distracted from Saxons and paint some of those.



  1. Impressive work as always, James. I am surprised you still had unpainted Prussians! :)

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  3. You have indeed been busy ! The Saxons do look the part - love the shield colourings. I been tempted before by the Black Cat cultists and have so far rrsited, but I do like th==yours - first ones I seen pibted up (I don't recognise the fallout barricade but it does look the part.
    I' always impressed by those that can churn out quick simple buildings that do the job and yours look great, but I especially like your varied fencing and I'm especially intrigued by the wire fencing - I've been looking for similar stuff for ages.
    All told a post well worth the wait Bf.

  4. That's a lot of good work. Well done

  5. I especially like the cultists and dwarves.

  6. Gorgeous buildings and figures, well done!

  7. Nice saxons and I really like the varied metal fencing and buildings and dear little garden plots!
    Best Iain

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