Saturday, December 28, 2013

WW2 Americans and Three Little Pigs


For Baconfat's first "Not Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge" entry we have a small unit of late war U.S. soldiers, produced by Wargames Factory.    50 points
The kit allows for BARs, Thompsons, Grease guns, 1911s.

The terrible box art appears that the men are wearing the tan jackets from earlier US uniforms.

Pointless size comparison pic:

Wizkids, Wargames Factory, GW

Speaking ofBaconfat, here are three 20mm pigs on integral bases.
Left to right:   Large Black,  Sandy and Black, Gloucestershire Old Spot  +12 points

And a couple dirty mattresses for pigs to sleep on during post apocalyptic games.  0 points

So Baconfat has an early lead in points with 62 points!  I see Bacon has pulled their fat out of the fire and now I fully expect Baconfat to pull through and win the challenge.

Next week will be some Perry Burgundian Mercenaries.



  1. Nice late-war troopies, James. I think they would work for Korean War too. Nice piggies and looking forward to your Burgundians. Best, Dean

  2. nice work the matress's are a nice twist

  3. These look great, much better than the box art