Friday, May 28, 2010

Enfilade Super Deals!

I've only been to one to one convention before the recent terrific NHMGS convention ENFILADE!, but I'll try never to miss another. There were so many beautiful examples of games with absolutely amazing terrain and unbelievably well painted miniatures. I am pissed at myself for not attending earlier.

One of my hoarder highlights was the swap tables. I bought an amazing amount of lead that I didn't need.

At the dealer tables, I bought some resin terrain pieces I didn't need; I couldn't resist because I couldn't resist the cheap prices.

Entry fees: for only $30 you get 3 days of entry and a t-shirt.

Overall for only $90 I picked up all mostly 25-30mm scale):

3 days of gaming opportunity
43 Ottoman Turks and assorted Arab types
133 Swiss/mercenaries pike men and other troops
1 resin machine gun nest
28 resin barricade sections
4 resin dug out graves
2 resin graveyard sections
1 trebuchet, RAFM
1 small siege tower, RAFM
1 manlet, RAFM
2 siege ladders
2 covered battering rams
1 huge artillery manlet
1 sort of dwarf steam powered rolling cannon thing
2 organ guns
2 chariots
1 fantasy trebuchet on wheels
1 catapult
1 siege flame thrower
1 set of stocks
1 guillatine
33 dwarves
2 torture racks
87 goblin orc things
22 assorted monsters
4 GW 40K models: elf, ork, 2 imperial guard
2 horses
47 various historical and fantasy medieval fighting men
3 wizards
4 hobbits
1 evil looking idol/statue
1 Columbus looking guy standing next to a globe
5 medieval/ren casualty models
3 space ship things
1 coffin
5 French? WWI troops
3 tiny gyrocopters
26 tiny scale tanks and APCs
7 tiny scale trucks and flat beds
2 tiny scale helicopters
27 aliens called centaurs, promotecs, gorgons
and about 8 creatures I simply can't identify.

I only played a few games; I had family things to do that prevented me from fully embracing the available games.

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  1. Wow! No wonder when I finally decided to hit the bring & buy tables, there was hardly anything left! Hey, what kind of chariots are those? I need another one to even up my squadrons. Do you have any 12th-13th C. generic infantry types you would want to sell? I need about 30 or 40 to finish my 2K Early-HRE army. Regards, Dean