Friday, May 14, 2010

First Victrix British Artillery Crew Painted

I've painted up my first Victrix British Foot Artillery Crew. I'm not use to so much detail on such little models. The three different colored sets of straps to hold bags, boxes, and canteens all over their shirts was a nightmare. In fact I'm not sure the sculptor didn't screw up the straps, there was a missing strap on one and an extra on another.

I also blew off the yellow piping on their red collars. I would have to pop off their heads to get it on there; there wasn't room to get my smallest brushes in there without splashing yellow everywhere. The eyes were unpaintable on several of them as I couldn't get up under the hats. As I was getting more and more frustrated I quit, not highlighting anything but the pants and jackets, not the skin. I used black wash, because I imagined artillery crew would be dirty. The officer is cleaner with lighter pants, as I imagine a gentlemen would have less shit on him.

As to the models, the paint doesn't seem to stick as well as some other plastics I've painted. I washed them, primed them the same way I do every model. But occasionally the base or feet would have the paint wiped off. Perhaps I wasn't waiting long enough between coats.

The models themselves are a little flimsy. The sword on the officer's hip broke in half and I don't know how the artillery shovel thing on on of the guys broke off.

I think the less detailed Perry infantry models I recently bought will be easier.

Here's a bad picture of a mediocre paint job.

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