Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick & Easy Sci-Fi Buildings

I collect assorted packing material.

The collected garbage normally ends up in the garbage or recycling after a few months, but recently I've turned garbage into jun
k. The pressed paperish shapes that sometimes are used as packing material instead of styrofoam for things like coffee pots, toasters, or assorted household tools has always fascinated me because they might make good housing for my toy army men.

I had eight pieces of this formed material; two were destroyed during painting preparation, but four actually made it to the painting process. I cut off unusable edges, primed three black, dry brushed them gray. I tried painting one gray first then washing it with black stain (fail). I used varying degrees of dry brushing to determine the best method and the lightest gray one came out the best.

I may paint the other two up in various browns. They'll look more li
ke the buildings in the first Star Wars Mos Eisling (spelling? the desert place where Han Solo kills the fish guy) buildings.

Over two days, it took about five minutes to spray paint them, twenty minutes to dry brush them, another 30 minutes to cut out little doors and windows (once again I tried different methods to see what looked best), and finally another fifteen minutes to paint and attach the doors.

It took me another three days to finally paint up six Doctor Who models to go with the buildings. I for some reason only included five of the models during the quick photo shoot. The models are ones I bought in 1986?. They have a unique history as they were a joint project by RAFM and Citadel. Citadel released models in the UK and RAFM in the US (and probably Canada). Most of the models are mediocre sculpts, but the pictured Ice Warriors (green guys) and Cybermen painted up incredibly easy.

The pictures show the 6 that I didn't get angry with and throw away, as well as the difference in appearances I came up with.

Next time, I'll post pics of some Perry Napoleonic riflemen I painted, which I fo
rgot to photograph. Hopefully I'll have some British line troops and and a six pounder cannon done as well.

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