Tuesday, June 22, 2010

60th Perry British Infantry

Hello, here are my slow first attempts at British Line troops for the Peninsular War era. I bought two of the Perry boxes, so I still have the onerous task of assembling, painting and basing another 60 models. Below are pictures of everyone I've painted so far.

the grenadiers or light infantry:
five line troops:
command, no flags yet, because I fear painting them:
Here's a size comparison with Victrix Artillery Officer, Perry Officer, and an old Minifig(?) sapper.
The back of the two officers, the Victrix officer should be thoroughly embarrassed arriving for a photo shoot without proper flocking. Someone will have to be flogged.

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  1. James:

    These are great. Didn't even know you had been working on them. We have to get them in on a Black Powder game. Dean