Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crossbowmen and Some Terrain Progress


I haven't finished very many models since last post.

First are some Old Glory crossbowmen; they're a mix of Germans and Hussites.

"Snap the picture quick, it's straining to hold an awkward Old Glory pose for too long"

Next is a Manlet!  An Old Glory Bohemian (?) archer and two of what I believe are old Citadel D&D clerics.
"Beware the Hobby Horse of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!"

I've been making the skeletons of some more damaged city terrain.  These are a few smaller several level building.
models and cars for scale purpose, I was not moving them around and making explosion noises

Here's a couple larger buildings.  On one I've started covering exposed foam core, prior to spray priming.

In the lower left hand corner is the box cutting knife of doom, I nearly cut off two more fingers making these.  Until I'm drunk enough to do stitches, they're held on with super glue, sticky tack, and clear tape.

Till next time, when I might have another pack of Old Glory/Grenadier crossbows, Grenadier archers, some Prussian, or even some military shipping containers!


  1. Looking good, Like the old Clerics especially the left hand one.

  2. Excellent looking crossbowmen. Great painting on nice figures - some of OG's best, I think. The clerics are cool too - love the one with a cross as a shield. The terrain is coming along great too. Best, Dean

  3. The ruins look cool. Thanks for following my blog :-)

  4. Those crossbowmen are looking excellent!