Friday, September 30, 2011

Late War British and Prussian Artillery Crews

Intel reports have mentioned the Germans are bringing heavy machine guns to tomorrow's "The Great War" battle.  Worried that the good guys might not have enough bodies to soak up all the German bullets, I quickly finished block painting two British infantry units including Lewis guns, as well as two Lewis guns to add to infantry units without them already.

The Old Glory models still need to be dipped, touched up, maybe highlighted, and have their bases painted in 19 hours.

I based them on washers, half with sand and half with wood putty.  I'm curious which will look better.  Wood putty may lose out regardless, due to how time consuming it is compared to white glue and sand.

Second is a group of Old Glory Prussian Artillery crews for my slowly growing Prussian army.  They've been blocked painted and still need alot of work.  Once them and their guns are done, I'll start working on a box of Warlord Prussian Landwehr.

I hope to have some zombies done by the next post.



  1. They look good, James. So you plan to dip the Brits - after the flocking? Should work - just be careful when brushing the bases so the flock doesn't become dislodged. You're using Miniwax? I'm a convert. It really looks good and speeds up projects. In fact, I'm hoping to get some more Napoleonics done this way. Best, Dean

  2. Dean, I dip/dunk them after the base sand or putty, adding a layer to protect the sand. I tried brush dipping but found it quick to dunk and dab off the excess with paper napkins.

    Water based clear tint Minwax stained black or brown. Though I will try the Tudor Satin when my cans run out.

  3. Looking good James. Really like the WW1 British.

  4. Great looking work. Well done.