Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tales of a Jerky Junktown Vendor


I enjoy collecting junk.  Today I'd like to show you the junk I've recently collected for my hordes of toy army men.

First, I had to battle my way through two bored looking union protesters and hundreds of zombies buying inexpensive groceries to find this set of construction equipment, at Winco.  The only cost me 5 bottlecaps.  With a little bit of paint, rust, and wear, they'll make good modern or post apocalypse terrain.

Second up, a yard sale find.  It's a giant hand, the back says, "Marvel Entertainment, 2001, made in China".  It's either a Ironman hand or maybe a sentinel from the X-men comics.  It's designed to be hung on the wall, but it makes great sci-fi terrain.

Here's some cheap flocking from Michaels craft store.  They had multiple colors, none are realistic, maybe they could be used for grass on an alien world.  The long stuff on the left is fake hair leftover from a Halloween costume.  I'm going to cut and experiment with different lengths and try to create various forms of vegetation.

Woodsies, the wife bought these for me at Michaels, as well.  Mini-wooden dowels could be used for all sorts of terrain projects.  No more cutting the ends off toothpicks for me.  You can see some regular toothpicks in the foreground to show you the difference.

Here's some craptacular sandbag walls from a bag of dollar store army men.  If your friends don't mind sh!t terrain they could be used in any modern or sci-fi game.  I think the German model is a Wargames Foundry, if you know what it really is, please tell me.  The Brit is a Old Glory.  Maybe the bags would look better painted.

Speaking of craptacular, here's a piece of styrofoam I picked out of the trash at work, when no one was looking.  I started making a sci-fi tower, but it just didn't look right so I quit.

More garbage, I got this embossed tag off a pair of pants my wife bought.  She likes buying things.  It'll make a great sign for a burnt out store I'm making for my zombies.

Big giant rocks for an aquarium, from the local used store.  Maybe usable in in a sci-fi or fantasy game.  The spider web is tarantula.   They spent some time in our pet tarantula's cage, before she upgraded her terrain to a little wooden cave.  Dr Who Icemen love big rocks.

Giant plastic mech things.  They're really not a recent find, unless you count stumbling upon a box of crap you forgot about in your attic.  I bought them many years ago for like a dollar a piece at a toy store clearing stock.  As a horder, I bought every model they had.  There was at least seven different versions with different weapons and scales.  I think they are Battletech.  With a proper paint job, they might be the right size for low budget 40K titans and dreadnaughts or maybe Battletech models in a 15mm scale game.

Lastly, if you dig through wild owl poop, you'll find the neatest things.  These are mouse teeth.  I really don't know what I'll use them for.   But if you've gone through the effort of finding owl poop and digging through to find stuff, you ought to use it for something.

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  1. Some of that stuff is pretty cool - I like that melted Iron Man hand thingee. Sort of reminds me of a Tosh.0 segment about opening up old VCRs to find all kinds of goodies. :)! Dean

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  3. Some cool stuff dude. Liking the construction vehicles alot!

    Owl poop ewwwwwwwww!

  4. Its a Sentinel arm piece, I found the head piece for it just a couple of days ago at a thrift store for 25 cents & decided to look it up online, I can't find any place where I can get the other pieces.