Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Perry and Foundry Prussian Comparison, French, Gondorians, and a Zombie

     I've finally finished painting some models and decided to post a few pics.  First up are two 12 model units of Prussian Cuirassiers.  Foundry spells it Kurassiers.  On the left on are Foundry and the right the new Perry Brothers models.  

I've based each 12 model unit the same, two 3 model bases, two 2 model bases, and two 1 model bases.  The plan is to be able to use them for either Black Powder, Waterloo, or fan produced WAB rules.

Below is a quick side comparison of the two brands.  

left is Foundry, right is Perry

Here are some nice Perry French artillery with crew.  I dipped these in Army Painter and looking at the photo, I don't think I dull coated them enough.

Speaking of dipping,  I did the first in a series of dip experiments.  Here is the least exciting.  I spray painted four dull GW LOTR Gondor Archers flat black, dry brushed Vallejo Gun Metal, then slapped on a few details.  Left to right, I dipped them in Army Painter Dark Shade, American Walnut Minwax, Black Onyx Minwax, and GW Black Ink.  They've been dull coated with Armory dull spray and they all look almost exactly the same (unlike some Biblicals which I'll post another day).

left to right:  Army Painter Dark Shade, American Walnut Minwax, Onyx Minwax, GW Black Ink

I also painted some LOTR goblins and orcs.  All were Army Painter dipped as well.

 Here are some metal Perry Prussian Fusilier command models.  Also Army Painter dipped with a drunken dull coat applied, missing whole portion with a spray paint can seems impossible but occurs more often than not.  Prussians called their light or skirmish capable troops fusiliers not voltiquers.

Here's four more Warlord Prussian Landwehr I finished to make my unit total 24 (a regular size Black Powder unit).

I always keep spare models around to use up spare paint out of the squirt bottles.  Left to right are what are an EM4 Scavenger (wetf that is), a Ral Partha Hoplite, an Old Glory Kindernacht, a GW Familiar, and an unknown archer.  You can't see the hoplite's hand painted shield that I was quite proud of.

That's all for now.  I should have some more WAB battles coming up and I'm about to start painting more Prussian foot troops.

Love Baconfat


  1. As you say... Looks are almost the same between all kinds of dips, but from the shot I like the American Walnut best.

  2. James: You've been busy! Nice work. I need to have your Prussian face my French soon! You can see the similarities in sculpting and styles between the Foundry & later Perrys. Great idea on using left over paint for your odds & sods - that hoplite is intriguing. Best, Dean

    P.S. Hope to see you on Saturday for the WAB Dark Ages Campaign.

  3. What a wonderful diverse array of miniatures. The Foundry horses sadly look a little like pit ponies next to the Perry's Prussians! That said when you see them en masse they difference in hardly discernible. Love the wonderful assortment at the end too.

  4. The prussian landwehr are really great!

  5. excuse me but what game would you use these individual landwehr for?
    the only time i see 18th century games they use unit trays.

  6. Mr. "the truth",

    As far as I know, the minis would be most useable for Warlord Games' Blackpowder, the now defunct Warhammer historical game Waterloo, the War and Conquest Napoleonic fan written rules, or lastly the WABforum rules for Napoleonics.

    These models are based on singles and doubles and held together on magnet movement trays. Good for single or tray based games. Even Songs of Drums and Shakos or Sharpes Practice.

    Thanks for visiting.