Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nerds, Dead People, and a Robot


I haven't finished anything historicalish since my last post, but I have completed a few models.  First are some Reaper brand Geeks and Nerds.   I think they'll make nice survivers for modern and zombie games.

Next is a Reaper brand robot and what I think is a GW chaos cultist from the 1990's.   I found him in the FLGS (Active Imagination) bits bin.  Apparantly chaos encoLaurages their cultists to spend alot of time at the gym.  Of course you'd have to have big guns to carry the ridiculously big guns of the 41st millenium.
sorry for the blurry

Lastly a few more zombies, I've finally finished my Victory Force 50 for $50 deal and need to buy another.  The two skimpily clad dead are actually Reaper brand zombie strippers.

Next time I'll have Grognards and more random bits bin finds.

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