Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prussian Lutzow Freikorps, nuns with guns, and a few Zombies


I haven't posted for ages, due to moving.  I finally have a place to live and am getting the internet.

Here's a few minis I've painted.   Alot more to come soon as I've nearly finished a rather large batch.

First is some Prussian Lutzow Freikorps using Perry plastic Prussian Fusilier models.  My next Nappies will be Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers.

Next are some unknown "nuns with guns" models.  I have a few more of these to paint.

 Lastly are few mediocrely painted at best zombie models, the two on the far left are old Wargames Factory, the third from the left is a Marvel Heroclix "moleman" slashed up with the x-acto to make a zombie, and the rest are all Victory Force zombies.  The Victory Force models are all suffering various amputations.

More Nappies and undead coming soon.


  1. Now that is a wonderfully impressive, if a little diverse, output!

  2. Can I ask who made the Nuns With Guns, I have the same set but cannot remember the manufacturer? Love the blood splatter background.