Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grognards, Blucher, Lutzow, Austrian Victrix Landwehr Sprues

I've almost finished painting a 24 piece Victrix French Old Guard Grenadiers.  They pretty much need a clear dull coat and thier basing finished.  I am not leaving the command staff on GW bases; they are only white glued to those to aid in painting/handling.
I hope I did the top of the bear skins correctly
I would be done with the Grenadiers, but starting painting these for the New Mexico State Fair.  NM has military models and miniatures as a category in the Arts and Crafts competitions.  The models aren't really that shiny in person, I left a gloss on the horses, in the hopes that it would make them look sweaty.  I hope I win a ribbon, will find out Tuesday.  The judges are from the Albuquerque Scale Modelers club and the competition will probably be tough.
General Blucher/ADC and General Lützow
I recently picked up a box of Austrian Landwehr to make Prussian Freikorps Jaegers and Brunswick Jaegers; I thought others may be interested in what you get. There's 56 minis for 30 something dollars, not bad.


command sprues, you get TWO of these

regular sprue, you get EIGHT of these, only 3 body types

here's the standards you can cut out and use, if you don't like making your own
Brunswick jaeger



  1. They are rather nice for plastic figs. You've done a great job on them

  2. Hey, James. Guess you're still in NM. Best wishes on our painting entry at the fair. All of the figures look great as always. Didn't know you had some Victrix Old Grognards - nice. I've not painted much since you've left - just started again today as a matter of fact. Picked up three units of Perry Koreans from a TMP buy. They are very nice figures and should paint up pretty easily as they wear mostly white "pajamas". Looking forward to seeing you back here in WA again. Aloha, Dean

  3. Nice Idea re tyrolean Jaegers, I also like the Guards. Looking forward to see them based.