Sunday, December 9, 2012

Building Progress


I've been making progress on the first building of a bombed out city table.  Almost finished painting the front and sides. I'm too far away but most of the zeds in the windows are friendly and waving, because they love people.

Here you can see an early pic of the back after the stairs were installed.

Added a little top building for roof access.    It needs paint and cleanining up.

The little roof comes off.   Please ignore the liberal application of hot glue, which I hope isn't to hard to tear up.  The actual roof coating is textured scrapbooking paper painted gray. I need to find a way to wash it to make it look more roofy.  There's actually no way for models to get to the left side of the room, because of the giant hole in the floor. I'll have to fix that.

The engineer has violated almost every building code.

Closer shot of the front entrance, the back entrance is much bigger.
Here's a shot of part of floor one. Until I took the picture, I had no idea how poorly I painted the walls. I will never assemble unpainted terrain again. Proper planning prevents piss poor painting. I'll never be able to paint the stairs.

The painting is a piece of craft store jewelery with a little bit of paper glued on. It's "Two children beating a goat."


 ta ta



  1. Very nice, James. You've put a lot of work into this project and it shows up well. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Dean

  2. Awesome love the goat beating picture.

  3. Looking good, my motto is "if you can see it, you can paint it", so don't despair.
    Love the painting too

  4. Great job, really coming along nicely. Love the artwork and frame.

  5. good god, that's massive... that is for 28mm isn't it? bonkers impressive. have you met Akula at all? he tends to start things like this - like a 28mm Battlestar...

  6. Evilgiraffe,

    Yes it's for 28mm and I've seen Akula's incredible stuff on LAF. He's building a huge Planet of the Apes piece.

  7. Wowzer! Love it matey, that's gonna be an awesome game. I can't believe my partner complains about my terrain storage issues - what a monster :-) Really looking forward to watching this progress.